The other day, I got click-baited by a friend of mine on Facebook. What is click-baiting? Simply when you post an article with a shocking title or photo, causing many people to click on your article or picture so they can one day tell their grandchildren about when they first saw said shocking article or picture.

Or something close to that.

My friend click-baited me with a product that in theory would be a useful tool at our house, but the suggested method of use is a bit off-putting.

It’s this:

Yes sir, someone thought it wise to “improve” on the traditional cat brush and take it one horribly gross step further and make the brush fit perfectly in your MOUTH, all in the name of grooming your cat the same way her feline mamma did.

Let’s break this down:

1. At this point it is only a potential product on Kickstarter. That’s kind of a relief.

2. The nubby thing that fits into your mouth (I just threw up a little in mine when I wrote that) is pretty small but I’m sure if your cat has longer hair and has a tangle, it’d fall out easily. Then you’d end up with a mouthful of cat fur.


3. Honestly, taking a closer look at the design, The tongue part resembles a bigger sized garlic press. So I suppose if you are on a budget and can’t afford this “thing” that would be the economic route to go. It would take you longer with a smaller surface area, but you’d save a couple bucks.

4. Watch the video and keep your eyeballs on the gray and white cat being “licked.” Does it look like to you this is a pleasant experience for them? Are you wondering why the cat seems a bit stiff?? Poor thing is probably terrified that 1. Your head is that close to their body and 2. They are baffled as to why you have something in your mouth that is able to touch their body. And probably feels nothing like a cat tongue.

5. I would have hoped they’da been able to come up with a more creative catch-phrase than, “Lick Your Cat.” Honestly I’m a little underwhelmed and disappointed. Maybe I’m expecting too much.

6. There other tag line: “Be Part Of The Change: Let’s change the way people connect with their feline housemates” sounds a bit too much like a Bernie Sanders endorsement. And cats don’t care two licks (see what I did there? 😛 ) about politics.

Seriously, they’d get to the polls and get ready to vote and end up falling asleep before reading off the list of candidates.

7. Speaking of taglines, here is an additional one–really they need to pick no more than two and stick with them–“Invite Your Friends Over For Licki Parties!”


In case you thought that a single woman owning multiple cats wasn’t stigmatized enough, let’s kick it up a notch!! #saidnooneever

So kids, what do you think? Is this a worthwhile product? Am I just extra full of angst today?

Oh and if anyone actually gets their hands on this thing, PUHLEESE post a video of you using it on your cat. I promise it will only be used for scientific research and will in no way be posted to Youtube to go viral so that the masses can laugh at the ridiculousness.

I’ll provide the popcorn. 😉


This goes without saying but I have to say it:

FTC Disclaimer: This blogpost was NOT sponsored by the product. Seriously.



Cat Parenting Product Review: Nature’s Miracle Urine Remover…..

Hey guys guess what? As of yesterday there are 2 ways to access my blog! Option one is to go to, but that is a mouthful so…..My blog is now accessible at:

I woke up yesterday afternoon and logged into my blog to discover that my wonderfully supportive husband had surprised me with purchasing A DOMAIN NAME FOR MY BLOG!! How cool is that?? I’m hoping to be able to do more things with my blog now that I have a domain name. Stay tuned! Ok, moving on…….

Before we get into our topic of the day, which relates to the following story, let me update you on how exactly the ear cleaning chore went last night.

It was a miserable fail.

As in I had to make sure I didn’t let her see me grab a q-tip because she has learned that what usually follows this is an unpleasant, albeit short, experience. So she took off running. And I waited for her to calm down and come back, cuddle on my lap and I tried again. This time I was a tad more successful, but not really because she jumped up so high I almost had her only by one of her hinds legs. She ran away again and I sat back and waited…..except she didn’t come back.

And she is now only speaking to me through her lawyer who she retained after snatching my credit card. We are now out $300. Awesome.

Did I mention it’s only Wednesday?

So after getting the cold shoulder from the youngest for the last hours of the day, I uploaded another blog, watched my shows and got ready for bed. Upon pulling up the covers on our bed, I was met with a wet situation.

Our youngest had gotten back at me for having the balls to attempt to clean her ears by peeing on only my side of the bed. On. All. My. Blankets. There were 4.

This one is indeed talented. 😛

So at 3:30 this morning, this mama was tasked with stripping the sheets on the bed and dousing the mattress cover in our go-to pee remover. Then I grabbed another blanket from the closet and prayed to Jesus that she wouldn’t jump on the bed whilst I was sleeping and make another puddle. Which leads me into our Review Of the Day:

We use Nature’s Miracle and SWEAR by it as our go-to pee remover. You can find this magical solution at pet stores and online. We purchased ours from the local farm implement store.

Nature’s Miracle boasts to remove pee stains and odor AND claims to prevent your furry pee producer from remarking the same spot twice. I’m not too sure about that last claim, but NM definitely takes care of the odor and stain of a pee accident (animal and human by the way 😉 ). It also has a pleasant-ish smell of Lava soap and honey.

It comes in several sizes. The first time we bought this we purchased the huge size that included a battery operated sprayer that was connected to the bottle. It was pretty hard core and I’m not gonna lie, while I was using it I really felt like an exterminator person or one of the guys from Ghostbusters.

The sprayer unit worked very well the first time I used it. Giving an even application and thorough soaking to the affected area. However, the second time I tried to use the sprayer unit, the batteries had died. And they had been fresh.

So I had to MacGuyver a solution because I was not going to stop using the product when there was so much left. So if you buy the biggest size and the sprayer unit craps out at anytime, do the following:

Grab a funnel from the kitchen. Grab an empty large spray bottle or go buy one if you don’t have one. After procuring these items, unscrew the top of the NM tank (it really is more of a tank than a bottle) and remove the sprayer unit from the tank.

Place the funnel firmly over the opening of the spray bottle (wait, I forgot to tell you to take the top off the spray bottle-so do that now THEN place the funnel). It’s important that the funnel fits snugly over the spray bottle because you are gonna need both hands to do the next step.

Once the funnel is secure, carefully lift the tank of Nature’s Miracle and gently pour the contents into the funnel. Making sure to not overfill and waste product. Replace the spray bottle cap and use just like you would any other spray cleaner. On bedding and carpet, make sure to fully saturate and let air dry.

And that’s it.

I hope you found this helpful if you also have a nervous pee-er in your family!


*FTC Disclaimer: This blog is not sponsored by Nature’s Miracle and the product was purchased with our own money


Lulabelle Reviews: Catty Stacks Cat Houses….

I’ve written numerous times before about our oldest cat and her history of aggressiveness. After years of frustration, it appears we may have turned the corner. And it’s all thanks to a cardboard box. No really, it’s true.

During a shopping outing to PetSmart, we found a product called Catty Stacks in the clearance aisle. According to the end cap, Catty Stacks are a series of boxes that can be hooked together to make a play space for your cat.

We took them home and assembled them immediately. One package contains four flat boxes. It should be noted that it took me a good two hours to get them assembled, but I think that was due to being distracted and my well documented knack for misinterpreting instructions :-D.

The coolest thing about Catty Stacks is that they can be rearranged easily any time and moved to anywhere. They hook together with a series of clips that resemble those which hold large reams of paper. They also have holes in each side where the cat can walk freely back and forth through the boxes.

Here is a picture of how we had them set up yesterday. I’ve gone ahead and changed the arrangement of them to prevent boredom. Disregard the pissed off look on her face. That’s just the way God made her face. It’s possible she’s related to Grumpy Cat.

cathycat on cattystacks

You can also purchased Catty Stacks online at According to the website, Catty Stacks are available in a few different colors and patterns.

Catty Stacks are also beneficial for shy cats that like to hide from the world. Simply put a blanket or towel over a section of the boxes and they can hang out in a stress-free environment. Put a few toys in the box for added comfort.

Catty Stacks retail in store for about $12 per unit (each unit contains 4 boxes). Online they are about the same, but you have to buy two units at a time. Eventually we’d like to buy more units in order to make a larger series of boxes for them to explore and climb.

The materials used for Catty Stacks are thick and durable enough to withstand feline claws and teeth. The clips are strong enough to hold the boxes together, but not interesting enough for our cats to try and pry them apart.

We give this product an enthusiastic two paws up!

FTC Disclaimer: Catty Stacks was purchased by me. All opinions are my own.

Lulabelle Reviews the Best Cat Hair Picker-Upper EVER!!

Today on the blog, I decided to do something a little different. Knowing that cat parenting can be stressful at times, I’d like to start a series where I review different products that help care for your cat. I hope you find these helpful and they lower your anxiety

So you love your cat. They lower your blood pressure, and are there for a cuddle if you are feeling sad. They also leave behind cat hair. Lots of cat hair. Brushing them regularly can help, but there is still residual that gets left behind on furniture. So, what is a cat parent supposed to do?? My solution is to invest in a good quality lint brush. My go-to lint brush, and the one I swear by is Lint Wizard Pro Self Cleaning Brush. I bought it ages ago and am not sure if it’s still sold in brick and mortar stores, but you can find it on Amazon here. The Lint Wizard Pro Self Cleaning Brush is brilliant because it really picks up the loose hair and stores it inside a compartment at the back of the brush. When it is full, turn it over and move the purple latch forward to release the door and pull out the hair. Easy-peasy. The large purple button on the bottom can move left and right to give you a clean brush surface to work with while depositing the debris in the compartment in the back:

Photo on 2015-07-23 at 20.40                       Photo on 2015-07-23 at 20.41

The bristles, which I neglected to photograph, but can be see in the Amazon stock photo, are made of a short fuzzy carpet material that really grabs on to the hair and doesn’t let go until you flip the button to deposit it into the well at the back.

So how well does it really work? Well, I tested it out on our youngest cat’s favorite place to sit. Her hair is so long people often mistake her for a Main Coon. Here are the before and after photos:

Photo on 2015-07-23 at 18.50 #2          Photo on 2015-07-23 at 19.13

The Lint Brush Pro Self Cleaning Brush helps keep our house cat hair free!


*FTC Disclaimer: the brush was purchased by me and all opinions are my own