Epic Nest Fluffing and Magic Erasers……

Due to several situations way beyond the blogger’s control, today’s planned blog has been moved to either the weekend or Monday. Stay tuned.

In the meantime, Lulabelle was giddy over finding a random knock off Magic Eraser in the house and plans to partake in epic “nest fluffing” (this is a term she coined referring to housework. Feel free to use it so it spreads) this evening.

By the time the day is done, the chrome will shine, the sink will-hopefully-be rust-free and I may even venture outside to scrape the rest of the old paint off our backdoor frame and repaint it.

Ok, that last activity will more than likely not get done, but I will be doing some ‘sperimentin’ on what the Magic Eraser actually erases. And I will blog the results. Will our sink be rust free? Will our counter tops finally be one color?? Will our laundry get folded and put away??

Maybe there are some things that the Magic Eraser can’t fix.

Stay tuned!



Organized Chaos: New Life Goal


Happy Monday! Who else needed a coffee this large to get started? This pot is currently empty, but no worries, I can brew more if you need. 😉

1976. It was in this year that Nadia Comaneci won 3 gold medals in gymnastics at the Montreal Olympic games. In Canada the CN tower, the worlds tallest freestanding structure, is completed. Fidel Castro becomes president of Cuba. 1976 was a ground breaking year in history.

1976 is also currently the number of unread messages in my email inbox. Sigh. In the last year my go to source for messages and pertinent information has switched dramatically from mostly email to mostly Facebook. I blame the fact that I no longer work a traditional job, so I no longer have to check my email several times a day for messages of importance. This all boils down to organization. Or a lack thereof, in my case.

Organization is something I’ve struggled with my entire life. Living with ADHD will do that to you. The crazy thing about a lack of organization is that it can also trigger anxiety-especially the thought of trying to reorganize your life when it gets out of control. As a teenager/young adult struggling with organization, I dreamed of marrying someone who was organized, so that at least life would be a bit more manageable. So let’s fast forward 20 years……Can you figure out who I married??

Ah, he’s a wonderful man who loves me for me. He’s hard working, incredibly kind and generous, and pretty easy on the eyes (added bonus? You betcha! 😉 ). He also leaves a pile of socks on the floor, can’t find the toilet paper holder on the wall to save his life, and is constantly asking, “Honey, have you seen my….”. As I write that last sentence I realize this is fairly normal guy stuff, and I thank my lucky stars that he never leaves the toilet seat up. I’m really not that much better. Both of us are organizationally challenged and that’s the reality. Knowing this can be half the battle. It’s what to do about it that becomes a challenge.

Making lists has been my de facto solution for years. Lists help me to see what I need to get done, and it can be oh so satisfying to cross finished tasks off the list. When I was a child, my mom had one way to ensure her kids got things done. She’d make a list for us, and then-sometimes-hide a coupon for ice cream at the location of one of our tasks. If we found it and finished the task, we’d be rewarded with ice cream. I found this coupon only once. As an adult, I wonder if an incentive like this would be effective in helping me become more organized. But since it’s just my husband and myself, I’d probably be the one to hide the coupon, which takes away most of the anticipation. Perhaps I should blindfold myself, and hide it in a place that I literally can’t see. Nah, scratch that. With my luck it’d end up in my husband’s pile of socks. 😀

What techniques do you have to keep yourself organized? Comment below.

Remember you are not alone!


*coffee pot photo courtesy of http://www.lhhc.org/coffeepot.asp