Monday Forecast: 100% Chance of Puddles…….In The Kitchen…..

While gathering up clothes to do laundry yesterday, I crossed into the kitchen and was met with a small lake, growing steadily larger and flowing from the bottom of the cat’s water bowl.

At this point I observe Riley-our 10-month old tiger cat, approach the growing lake on the other side from me. After cautiously sticking his paw into the water and jumping back he looks at me like, “Yeah. Um, that’s gonna have to be cleaned up. You might want to get on that.”

The problem? The lake on the kitchen floor was created by the same tiger kitty now worried about the lake on the floor. And unable unwilling to step around it to get to his food bowl.

Good thing I was about to do laundry because I was about to add to it. 😛

It seems we have an issue with Riley’s water bowl. He likes to stick his paw in it and spill the water on the floor. Then whine that there is water on the floor.

As my mom likes to say, “He’s like a toddler who doesn’t speak English.”

But he’s also super talented. He can open cereal boxes and eat the cereal, loves to play fetch and peek-a-boo when the mood strikes, and is currently lounging in his favorite box while eating the walls of the box. (Sidenote: Carboard is OK for cats to eat, right? Eh, we’ll find out soon I guess 😛  )

If only he’d learn how to use the mop!


Sometimes wearing a box on your head as a hat makes you feel powerful. 😀

PS: An hour after this blog was published I learned something new. Riley doesn’t just smash his paw into the water to splash it out, I just observed him putting the side of the bowl BETWEEN HIS TEETH and tipping it over ever so slightly. :-O #LordHaveMercy

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