LAFF: Where Lulabelle Anticipates Oreo’s Next Flavors…….

Today I opened my Facebook feed and discovered Oreo has decided to add to their many flavors. Today they introduced PEEPS Oreos. (**And yes I will be doing a review as soon as I can get my hands on them.)

So today I thought I’d try to anticipate the next new flavors Oreo will come out with. And I’m dragging you along for the journey. You’re welcome!

Banana: Because they haven’t come out with this one yet and I believe this is forthcoming. Also I am obsessed with banana flavoring. I blame my *mom.

Kale: It’s trendy. It’s healthy. It’s green and it helps you poop. Now available in cookie form. Huzzah!

Tutti-Frutti: This one will use a traditional chocolate cookie and the cream will have the multi-colored look of a glittery galaxy.

Toothpaste: Taking a nod from Bean-Boozled, this flavor is not unlike the mint flavor already on the market, but will carry the extra benefits of freshening your breath and preventing cavities. #DentistEndorsed

PEZ: This unidentifiable fruity flavor selection will have an extra element of fun. Squeeze the cookie and a tiny square of cream will shoot out the side and into your mouth.

Bacon: This one probably won’t go over well. How do I know? Because for my birthday party this year (that I forgot to blog), we had a gourmet Smore’s party and bacon was one ingredient that I was totally excited to try. Unfortunately, the bacon totally over powered the cookie and there was no balance at all.

Much like Congress after this last election.

Carrot Cake: Are you a traditional bride, but want to save on the cost of wedding cake? Look no further! These use the cinnamon Oreo as opposed to the Golden and have a cream cheese carroty filling. (And after writing that description, I kinda want this to become a thing.)

Ghost Pepper: Another trendy food that has made the rounds on the internet in the form of challenges. The twist in this flavor is that the pepper is in the chocolate cookie and the heat is **kinda** dampened by the cream on the inside. This one will more than likely come with a warning and will not be available for purchase if you are under 18.


*When I was a kid and was hungry, my mom would recite a litany of available foods in the house. The first thing on the list was always bananas. We ALWAYS had them. Years later I found out my mom HATES bananas but eats them daily because they are good for you. #StubbornButHealthy

**March 8, 2017–So I just discovered the PEEPS flavor of Oreo uses the Golden oreo, so unfortunately due to my crazy allergy, I’ll not be able to do this one.

5 thoughts on “LAFF: Where Lulabelle Anticipates Oreo’s Next Flavors…….

  1. Hey blair: Here’s another fun fact I just remembered as I was rereading some of my old stuff. Regarding our ice cream wedding cake, we were unable to have the traditional year old taste test of either of them (we had two) because they were in my parents freezer and they had a terrible storm and the power was out for 2 days. Of course they bought the generator AFTER this incident. πŸ˜› πŸ˜€


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