LAFF: Crafting With Lulabelle Holiday Edition: Marshmallow Snowmen…..

So I originally wanted to share this before Christmas so you could do this with your kids or grand kids or nieces or nephews or neighbor kids, but life happened and here we are.

Every year I do a craft or activity with my nieces and nephews at Christmas. We’ve made snowmen from a box, made fish pictures with our hands and last year we discovered density with layered soda drinks.

This year we made snowmen out of marshmallows.

You will only need 3 ingredients for this craft:

1. Marshmallows (We used the JUMBO marshmallows–I didn’t even know they came in JUMBO but Chad found them. And since we only see the Littles once a year, we aim for maximum wow factor. This particular wow factor however proved to make our snowmen so heavy they fell over. I did solve this problem however with a few extra, carefully placed pretzels.
2. Skinny Pretzel Sticks (I am NOT discriminating against fat pretzel sticks. The skinnier ones just look more proportional. If you want to use the fatter ones, that’s perfectly fine. You do you, boo. šŸ˜‰ )
3. Food-Grade Markers
Yes, these exist and are amazing. You can find them in the baking section of the grocery store.

Step 1: Pick three marshmallows from the bag and decide which marshmallow will be your snowman’s head.
When you’ve decided which marshmallow will be the head, pick a food-grade marker and draw a face on your snowman.

I recommend putting the head aside (that was a weird phrase) after drawing the face so that when you go to attach it to the body, you won’t get smudges that look like blood if you used a red marker to draw your face. (Not that this happened to me. Nope. I did it right. –Yeah. I’m lying and had the stains on my hands to prove it– ;-). I also don’t know how long to set it aside to dry. Use your best judgment.)

Step 2: After allowing the face to dry (second-weirdest phrase ever used on this blog), take a few pretzel sticks and stick them through the middle of the middle marshmallow to anchor the head to the middle of the snowman. I also tried smearing frosting in between each marshmallow, but realized I needed something more to add a bit of weight on the snowman to balance out its overall girth so it would stand up and not fall over.

Step 3:Ā  Take a few pretzel sticks and break them in half to use as arms. Carefully stick them on either side of the middle marshmallow, at an angle, for best results.

And that’s it. Now, here are a few tips and things to keep in mind:

1. This is going to be messier than you anticipate. I’d lay down waxed paper on your work surface to keep it from getting errant marker stains on it. You may also want to throw old clothes on small children that take part in this activity.

2. Pretzel sticks work better than frosting at holding the marshmallows together. Just jab a couple into the middle section of marshmallow to secure the top and bottom.

3. Go easy on the markers. One thing I didn’t anticipate is the markers bleed a little bit when drawn on the marshmallows. So that eyeball you’ve just drawn suddenly looks like a tiny version of The Scream and just like that you’ve taken a nice, happy snowman and transformed him into a frozen Freddy Krueger.

Sleep tight, kids. šŸ˜›

Have fun with this craft and let me know if you recreate it or improve on it in any way.



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