LAFF On Sunday: **Baby Products Perfect for Cats!!

*Affiliate link contained below

**Of course this is not an entry I’m taking seriously. I just had the idea to see how many baby products, at least in theory, could be used on cats. I have no intention of using any of the items below on our furkids and don’t recommend you do either. Basically, don’t try any of this at home, kids. 😉

Nosefrieda: Ok, maybe I came across this product a few years ago and maybe I insert it into any conversation I can, whether it is relevant or not. This is what it looks like: (sidenote: Why this can be found at ToysRUs is beyond me 😛 )

A Nosefrieda is a new fangled device for extracting snot from your little tot. Why would this be useful in cats, specifically Riley? Well, it seems little boy kitty constantly has a snotty nose. Now granted, his snot is typically dry and flaky, so maybe this wouldn’t be the best extraction tool, but you don’t know till you try, right?

Gasdrops: The odor that comes out of Little Boy Kitty’s bum, without warning, merits something. And they are all natural, so they can’t be bad for them, right? (Translated: Yes, I’ve tasted them before. I was curious. Tasted mostly like licorice. Also, please GOD let this work to end the stomach churning olfactory nightmare! 😛 )

Mobiles: Used for over the baby crib to assist with sleep, a mobile would still be useful for cats as an entertaining play alone tool. Barring any small parts that can be ripped up by kitty claws or teeth.

Diaper Genie: Now I know, this one seems out there, but stay with me, let me explain. Did you know that kitten poop is different in smell then adult cat poop?

Yeah. True story.

It’s a stench so foul I can’t think of any comparisons at the moment. And the smell wafts its way through the house even after little boy kitty is done doing his thing. I wish there was a way that we can train him to spray air freshener after he unloads such a foul smelling load.

Or maybe we just need to move the litter boxes to no longer be kitchen adjacent. 😉


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