Counting My Blessings……

As Thanksgiving in the states will be here in a few days, I wanted to talk about one of my blessings. Here is a picture of it:


My blessing today is this empty pie plate.

Chad and I had Friendsgiving dinner last night with our closest friends and one of their dads made a sugar cream pie for the meal, even though he couldn’t be there.

Sugar cream pie is one of my favorites and he had made one for my birthday party in October, but because it didn’t turn out right, he didn’t bring it to my party.

So he made another one. It was totally unexpected as I hadn’t requested one.

Friends, this is what it’s all about. Being kind and thinking of others. Even if you can’t be there to get the glory.

Happy Thanksgiving! 

PS: I may have eaten the leftover pie for breakfast. #NoRegrets 😉



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