Ode To a Blog Post That Will Never Be…..

The other night I happened to run into a video that intrigued me. And I haven’t been able to get it out of my head since. It was a specialty burger review and I decided I just had to buy the burger and do my own review, you know, for blogsperity, or something. 😉

I wanted to review Burger King’s special Halloween Black Whopper. A regular Whopper made with a black bun that originated in Japan, but made it’s way to the US last year.

I never considered myself an adventurous eater, but since starting a blog almost two years ago, I see things differently. Now when I have a chance to eat something weird, I do it with glee and blog it! So I was looking forward to eating this Whopper and blogging the results. Eh, maybe not all the results. There is one interesting thing with this burger that I forgot to mention….

It apparently turns your poop green. Like legit green. Some of the green descriptors used in the video were: highlighter green, emerald green and olive green.

I’m not at all ashamed to say I was curious enough to track down this burger to consume it.

But that won’t happen now because apparently, Burger King has decided to discontinue the burger this year. According to my sources, and when I say sources I mean I read the comment section of a burger review Youtube video, the burger was discontinued because the company was afraid that people would get scared by producing green goblins hours after consuming the burger.

That’s right. Here in the US we thrive on gratuitous sex and violence, but eat a burger that turns your poop green, the reaction is to immediately ban it because THAT is too much! 😛

I am so curious I may have to DIY this for myself.

Stay tuned! 😀


So of course I wasn’t able to get an actual photo of Burger King’s Black Whopper, so here is a picture of a banana I drew on a few years ago! 😀


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