Golden Oreo Allergy Solved(ish)……

Hey guys, as you know I’m an Oreo girl, but the Golden Oreo has always given me stomach troubles. And I could never pinpoint what ingredient didn’t agree with me.

The other weekend, I think I solved the mystery.

It was my birthday and Chad and I went out to dinner to celebrate. We went to an upscale-ish chain burger house that also had a salad bar.

That I partook in because I am now 37 and this is how you do life now. Yes, you can have that glass of sangria and that cheeseburger, but only if you also order the salad bar.

So I saddled up to the salad bar and began assembling my salad. Then I came upon a bowl of lima beans. I like lima beans, so these were sprinkled on the top of my salad.

I ate my salad first and a couple bites in I realized the lima beans were NOT lima beans.

I was actually eating edamame aka soybeans.

Oops! 😛

But it still tasted good, so I thought, “Oh well, no big deal. I’ll just eat the rest of my salad and go on with my life.”

Yeah. About that…..

So as I’m eating my salad with edamame, my stomach begins to say, “Um, what are you eating? I didn’t sign off on this food.” So my stomach began trying to throw back the edamame but my stomach has a bad throwing arm, so it didn’t go anywhere, it just bounced off the stomach’s walls, giving me a distinct stomach ache. The same type of stomach ache that I got after I eat a Golden Oreo.

Guys, I think I’m allergic to soy. Which is really bizarro considering soy and soy lecithin is in virtually any packaged food I eat and I literally have not had a problem until the first time I ate a Golden Oreo. So I’m not going to completely eliminate soy from my diet. I’ll just be a bit more cautious about how I am feeling after I eat.

Honestly I’m glad I figured this out. Do you have a food allergy that is specific to one thing? Let me know in the comments.



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