LAFF On Saturday: Lulabelle Reviews Kool-Aid Jammers (Pretty much because we needed one for a photo shoot and accidentally bought 10.)……

Last week was the first time I had one of those Kool-Aid pouchy drink thingy’s that are marketed for kids.

And I felt like a kid. Which is strange because when I was a kid, we didn’t have fun drinks. I mean, it’s not like they didn’t exist, but my parents didn’t buy them. Something about artificial coloring and too much sugar blah, blah, blah. We did have Kool-Aid in the you-make-it-yourself form, but we could not put any additional sugar into it.

Sounds fun, right? 😉

So for my birthday we indulged. And it was glorious. And each pouch didn’t last nearly as long as it should have. Ah, to be a child and think that pouchy thing was the coolest (when you got it at Grandma’s or a friends) even though in reality it only took 4 sips to empty the entire pouch.

So onto the review….This one will be short and sweet.

To sum up, this tropical punch flavored drink tasted exactly like Hawaiian Punch, albeit not as sweet. Like if you were to dilute Hawaiian Punch with water, this would most likely be what you’d have left.

It also reminded me of a childhood experience at the dentist. I was maybe 10 or so and was about to get flouride for the first time. This is the thing where they glop this pink pudding/jello-y stuff into teeth shaped trays that are blue and have a bill on the center so when they stick it in your mouth, you look like a duck.

The first time I was to have this done the dental tech told me what was gonna happen as she filled the trays. Then she mentioned that you had to hold the trays in your mouth with your mouth closed for 2 minutes and not swallow the entire time.

Up until this point in life I had never gone longer than a few seconds without swallowing, so I began to panic. And suddenly I decided I really needed to go to the bathroom. The tech bought my excuse so I ran into the bathroom (What? I wasn’t going to completely lie and run out of the building or something. 😛 Besides, I couldn’t. My mom was sitting in the lobby by the front door) and stood there until I figured there would not be enough time for me to get flouride.

It worked. My flouride treatment was rescheduled for my next visit and I went home happy that I had dodged that goopy tropical punch flavored bullet. (Oh and by the way, I forgot to tell you the dental tech told me that the flavor of the goop was tropical punch which is why I’m telling you this story. I guess you could also see this as some sort of confession involving lying about the state of my bladder. Told here of course to relieve my conscience. Or something.)

So dear reader, if you never had fun drinks in pouches growing up, or anxiety at the dentist where you ended up lying about the state of your bladder, you are not alone….. and I don’t blame you one iota! 😉



PS: Prayers and positive vibes go out to my favorite baseball team, the Cubs, as they play game 1 in the NLCS against The Dodgers tonight. You got this, boys! #IAintAfraidOfNoGoat

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