LAFF on Saturday: The Reality of Marriage…..

Chad called me last night and told me he was on his way home. I looked and felt a bit gross, but dang it, he was coming home and I wasn’t expecting him till much later.

Feeling giddy as a teenager, I quickly roller-balled myself in my favorite perfume (that I keep conveniently in my purse for just such an occasion), ran a comb through my hair and swiped on a little lip gloss.

Yes, this seems like overkill, but I have a history of doing things big. For example, in college I’d typically wear my finest clothes and make sure to wear my string of lucky pearls on exam days because I read an article somewhere that said dressing up for exams gives you a better score.

I still graduated in the middle of my class.

At least I tried? 😛

Anyway, back to the present. After I swiped on my lip gloss, I began to realize I may have roller-balled too much because while I did smell my perfume, I also began to get a headache and suddenly all I could smell is Clinique Happy. It’s like this tiny roller-ball of scent had suddenly morphed into that one guy at the gym who tries to compensate for his sweat by dousing himself in a bottle and a half of Canoe before his workout. Oh, it definitely takes care of the smell of sweat, but you now need a gas mask to use the elliptical. And you can’t get away from the smell even though you are half way across the gym from him.

At least it didn’t matter any more that I forgot to put on deodorant. 😀

Happy weekend, y’all!


 Here is my literal bottle of Happy. She is small but beware…..put too much on you may find people moving away from you at the gym. 😉

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