Lulabelle Reviews: Lay’s Passport to Flavor Greek Tzatziki…….

**This week is National Suicide Prevention Week, a cause that is the reason why I started this blog last February. All this week, I will be collaborating with the Etsy store, The Leaf Pile to help raise money for To Write Love On Her Arms, a non-profit organization that is “dedicated to presenting hope and finding help for people struggling with depression, addiction, self-injury, and suicide.” The owner of The Leaf Pile is doing a 30 day art challenge and will be posting artwork every 5 days in her store for purchase during this month, with every $5 going directly towards TWLOHA***

**This week only she is also donating 25% of all sales on her ENTIRE site to TWOLA

Ok, I gotta be honest with this one guys, I have NO idea what this is or what it’s supposed to taste like. But fortunately on the bag there is cucumbery things and what looks like sour cream, so I’m assuming this will be a sour cream and oniony thing. There also appears to be a sprig of cilantro in the dip.

Dear Lord, help us all! 😛

Let’s open the bag!

Smell: OK, WOW. I was WRONG!! It’s not sour cream and onion or even cucumber, but CHIVE. VERY VERY chivey aroma.

Appearance: If they are going to taste cilantro-y, at least they are the rippled brand. Seriously if these had been just the plain flat ones, I’d probably be inclined to chuck this entire review and just pretend these don’t exist. 😉

Anyway, they look exactly like sour cream and onion chips, but it’s already been established that this is a complete lie and the green flecky bits are actually chive.

Yummy! **Insert here a photo of a Veggie Tales character that is a chive but you can’t remember their name. Also you can’t do a google search and do this yourself because you don’t want to get sued for copyright. #murica!** 😛

Taste: Sour cream with a refreshing zing of cucumber. I really like it. And as I keep eating them, I can’t detect any other flavors. So, yeah. That’s it, I guess.

Pretty unpretentiously delicious chips.

Crap, now I have to decide which one of these 4 were my favorite. Gah! Can I have two? I mean choosing between these and the Szechuan Chinese Chicken chips is like trying to choose between two woefully inadequate political candidates.



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