A Charge For Back To School: Be Kind; It Gets Better…..#TWLOHA

**This week is National Suicide Prevention Week, a cause that is the reason why I started this blog last February. All this week, I will be collaborating with the Etsy store, The Leaf Pile to help raise money for To Write Love On Her Arms, a non-profit organization that is “dedicated to presenting hope and finding help for people struggling with depression, addiction, self-injury, and suicide.” The owner of The Leaf Pile is doing a 30 day art challenge and will be posting artwork every 5 days in her store for purchase during this month, with every $5 going directly towards TWLOHA***

It is back to school time in the states. All over Facebook, children with shiny backpacks and a determined smile have been spotted on their first days of school. But there was one headline about back to school that made my heart sink. It was about a high school student who committed suicide the day before classes started.

Now this kid attended school at my alma mater, and although I didn’t know him or his situation, one question did come to mind. I wondered if he had been bullied.

Back in the day, bullying only consisted of mean taunts on the playground, but with the rise of the internet and social media, bullying has been taken to scary and ridiculous levels never seen before. Kids aren’t even immune to bullying when they get off the school bus and enter their homes.

It’s everywhere. And at times, it can seem too dark and hopeless to ever end.

But there is hope. Below are some steps you can take to combat bullying in your school:

1. Find a student who is sitting alone in the cafeteria and sit with them.

2. Make a new friend every week.

3. See someone being bullied? Step in and stand up for the person being bullied. Be brave. If it’s too much for you to do, tell a teacher, guidance counselor or principal.

To those being bullied:

You have worth, you have a purpose and you have a bright future ahead of you. Don’t believe the lies your bully is trying to tell you.

I’ll even tell you a secret that most of us don’t discover until years after we get out of school: EVERYONE in middle school and high school is awkward and insecure with varying levels of sweatiness. They are just trying to figure out how to navigate life and get through those years that are awkward, insecure and sweaty.

It gets SO much better when you get older. You realize that life isn’t all sweaty and awkward. Life is beautiful and rich and full. The world is a wonderful place and needs you in it to do the work only you can do! The world needs your talents, your passions, your joy.

Just hang in there. You are loved more fully than you will ever know. And I’m in your corner, cheering you on.

You got this, Boo.

One thought on “A Charge For Back To School: Be Kind; It Gets Better…..#TWLOHA

  1. I agree. As I get older, I have made peace with the fact that life continues to have sweaty and awkward moments…and maybe some of that is having kids with sweaty and awkward moments.

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