Lulabelle Reviews: Lay’s Passport To Flavor Chinese Szechuan Chicken……

Thank you for joining us for day two of my Passport to Flavor review. Let’s get down to business:

Smell: Exactly like a Chinese Szechuan chicken.

It’s kind of amazing that they were able to put that big flavor into a single chip.

Appearance: Pretty unremarkable, ordinary potato chip with a smattering of green and red flecks.

Flavor: WOW!! Holy mother!! Guys, this tastes EXACTLY like Szechuan chicken!! A chicken flavor that morphs very quickly into a spicy explosion of Hoisin sauce.

These actually may be my favorite of these four. Seriously, I’m still disappointed in the Tika Masala chips flavor. I think they could have been so much more. *sniff* 😦

I never realized I like Hoisin sauce as much as I apparently do.

I may blame PMS for this one. 😛

Boy, as I continue to eat these I’m remembering back to jr. high and high school when my sisters were in college in our town, and on the weekends they’d bring their friends over for Sunday dinner and we’d have some sort of international dish like home-made Chinese wontons or something with rice, black beans and cilantro. (Yes, I do have some happy memories of cilantro and used to actually enjoy it. Until that fateful day in college where I ate it and got sick. Ah, the innocence of youth! 😛 )

So to sum up, these are definitely in the running as my favorite this time around.

Bon-Appetit’ Y’all!

Photo on 2016-08-30 at 00.28

I still can’t get over the fact that these were my favorite so far! 😀

FTC DISCLAIMER: This post is not sponsored. All products purchased by me. I never thought I’d grow up and have a hobby like eating potato chips and telling people about them on the internet, but here I am, doing it like a BOSS! 😛

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