LAFF: Celebrity Impressions: Kitten Edition…..

So let me break down what just happened in the living room. First, some background…..Riley not only prefers senior cat food, but enjoys stealing his sisters’ dental treats that I give her once a day.

Tonight when he was out of sight (I had no idea where he was) I got out Phoebe’s dental treats and was in the process of putting them in front of her when……

Suddenly out of freakin’ nowhere Riley comes barreling up to Phoebe much like the way Kanye West did to Taylor Swift when he interrupted her VMA acceptance speech.

Riley was all like, “Hey, I’ma let you finish these dental treats but first I wanna say that I think I am entitled to at least one dental treat per day and I’m gonna take one now….. **in between crunching treat** “Fank Yu!” **exits stage left**


Innocent face? LIES, ALL LIES!! Seriously, he’s holding a water balloon behind the chair! 😀

Photo courtesy of S-R Images and our personal archives

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