Lulabelle Reviews: Swedish Fish Oreos (Or How One Woman Ate Weird Oreos and Lived to Tell About It) #WhyGodWhy

Today’s blog that was supposed to be uploaded on Monday will actually go up today-ish as we had a bit of excitement with a stray kitten that got into our car.

And when I say into I mean, literally crawled UP INTO the guts of our car. But after several hours and super determined neighbors the kitty is free and…..back under our porch where it was to begin with and from where I tried to lure it out with cat food earlier in the evening.

Did I mention this was all in the rain?

We also now apparently have opened a first of it’s kind Transient Kitty Cafe/Budget Motel dealy. The only available lodging is on our porch and the food served is the healthy junk-the human equivalent of mung beans, kale and quinoa.

We may never get strays again.

Anyway, let’s get into our topic of the day….Oreos!

I gotta be honest-the taste of this one makes me confused. I really want to like it. But I could NOT decide if it was really good or not. So I decided to make a pros and cons list. Which ever had the most reasons, would be my final conclusion.

This was hard, y’all. I was so confused and wanted to do such a thorough review for you guys that I ended up eating the whole package.

Don’t worry, it’s not as bad as it sounds as this package only had 20 cookies in it.

I think we found our first con. ๐Ÿ˜›

Smell: Fruity like Swedish Fish or gelatin. It’s pretty overwhelming. Um, con?

At first I was like, “holy crap these are pretty great…” Then when I tried them again yesterday (One day later from the first taste) I began to taste things about them that I didn’t like. Con.

Taste: Fruity gelatin with a tinge of a bitter finish when the chocolate comes in. The bitter taste lingers for awhile after eating. Con.

Not a good life choice to eat the filling on it’s own-the taste alone is like Swedish fish and waxy crayon. Sorry twisters. But dunkers should have no problem pairing this with milk. Con con con/Pro!

Pro: Chocolate cookie instead of the golden. One weird fact about me is that I have a weird food allergy to the golden Oreo and the vanilla filled cookie from the Grandma brand. Big *ss Pro!ย 

Con: Has the taste of Swedish Fish which if you’ve ever had them tastes like the smell of those cheap kids fruity lipglosses that you could buy in the 80’s, fruity artificial sweetness with a mix of cough syrup flavor. Bon’appetit!

Con: Filling is definitely artificial coloring and looks like red play dough–like it’s an exact dupe I’m pretty sure. You could also say that the after taste has a bit of playdough-y flavor for some ungodly reason…..however this could be entirely a psychological reaction to how red the filling is.

Con: the bitter after taste lingers and I’m beginning to wonder why I thought the filling flavor was strawberry when it’s very obviously cherry. Cough syrupy cherry flavor.

So let’s add up the pros and cons……Pros: 2 Cons: 10.

Oh boy! That was kind of a landslide. I feel like now I need to re evaluate every cookie decision I’ve ever made in life. From now on I will not make any snap judgements after the first bite. My full feelings will always be revealed several days after eating the cookie and contemplating life.

Bon-Appetite, Y’all!

Photo on 2016-08-14 at 00.18

Here is what the package looks like and what my face did when I thought about eating them. I should have gone with my gut. ๐Ÿ˜€ย 

2 thoughts on “Lulabelle Reviews: Swedish Fish Oreos (Or How One Woman Ate Weird Oreos and Lived to Tell About It) #WhyGodWhy

    • HA!! That’s hilarious!!! It was a more nuanced experience for me. These just left me confused about how I really felt. One minute they were great but the more I ate, the more I regretted eating them. Which happens with regular oreos all the time but I never change my mind about them. These just left me confused. ๐Ÿ˜€


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