LAFF: Dear Riley: Episode 1…….

Adopting Riley has been pretty great. There have been some not so fun moments along the way and we are definitely not getting the same amount of sleep as before, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. I guess.

That could be sleep deprivation talking.

Because we have a new member of our family, I thought it’d be neat to start a new series on my blog about Riley’s adventures and lessons he’s learned about the world. This series will be titled, “Dear Riley.”

Dear Riley, I really appreciate your zeal in wanting to help me with housework.

That said, it is a million times harder to scoop the litter boxes when you insist on standing IN them while they are being scooped! πŸ˜€


**Excerpt from Kittens Of The Midwest: “Yeah, I spent some time on the streets, trying to find myself. Of course in that time I learned some bad habits, as you can see here. But now I am adopted and it’s cool. It’s cool. Although I still insist on standing in the litter box while it’s being cleaned out. My parents think it’s annoying, but what they don’t know isΒ  it’s a tribute to my brothers still kickin’ it on the street. We tight.”

**Blogger’s note: The excerpt and book, Kittens of the Midwest, doesn’t actually exist, but you are right, it really should. Someone should get on that. πŸ˜€

**PS (This should be obvious but here goes anyway) At no time in this photo was Riley actually blazin’ up a doobie. We just happened to have a skilled photographer on hand to capture the moment at the right time) πŸ˜›

*Photo courtesy of SR-images and our personal archives….that are very quickly filling up with shots of this guy πŸ™‚

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