Graze Box Verdict…….

**Trigger Warning**  Today’s blog contains mention of a specific bodily function. If you don’t like hearing about bodily functions or need a break from hearing about it (because you have a son between the ages of 6 and 30), you can skip this one. See you tomorrow. 😉

I know you all have been waiting to hear Chad and my first impressions of the Graze Box that came in the mail the other day.

The wait is over.

So in answer to the first question, “How many snacks were left upon Chad’s return?” The answer is all of them.

Fortunately I was able to pacify my hunger with leftover mac and cheese (one of those gourmet home made varieties that contains 6 different cheeses made by our best friend Adam. Everyone should have an Adam.) until Chad came home.

I was so proud of myself that I hadn’t even opened the box. #WaitingIsHard

What was inside the box? 4 different snacks. Specifically:

1. Peachy Orchard (a mix of dried rhubarb, pears and peach fruit drops (basically tiny peach juice gummy balls) )
2. The Cheese Board (cracker-y baked herb bites, cashews, and cheesy bites)
3. Salted Popcorn (literally a tiny pouch of microwaved popcorn)
4. Summertime Punch (dried pineapple pieces, goldenberries (raisins, pineapple syrup, and pineapple juice concentrate), and coconut flakes) )

Each of these snacks are hovering around an ounce in size and contain one serving each. I know what you are thinking, and I totally agree-that’s pretty tiny for a snack.

So I ate them all in one setting.

I was a good wife though and gave Chad the Summertime Punch snack because he loves shaved coconut. It absolutely doesn’t matter that he forgot to eat it and it was still unopened when he got home. So I did the only reasonable thing and opened it myself and ate the dried fruit bits, leaving him all the coconut. I really am a catch, people. 😉

So here are our thoughts (Dang, that was a long*ss intro. Sorry ’bout that 😛 ):

The Good:

-The box contained snacks that were pretty enjoyable.
-Eating all of the snacks in one setting did serve to fill me up.
-The box it came in was cute.
-There were over 100 snacks for me to choose from. I was able to rate each snack so my box was customized, although my top picks were not guaranteed to be in the box.
-All the snacks were relatively healthy with no preservatives. Chad commented that the coconut was plain with no oil, which apparently is not a common thing for a snack mix. I wouldn’t know because I don’t really like coconut so I don’t actively seek it out.

The Bad:

-The serving sizes were teeny tiny. Which is why I had to eat the entire box. Granted, I don’t blame the company for not anticipating my snacking needs, but a bigger serving would have been awesome.
-Considering the size of each of the snacks, the price is a bit up there. Your first box is free with a special code and includes 4 snacks. After that your box is double in size and the cost is around $12. You can choose to receive the box weekly or monthly.

The Ugly:

-None of the snacks in my box tasted all that special. I honestly could go to our local bulk health food store and buy essentially the same thing, but in much larger quantities.

The Unexpected Best:

**Bodily Function Discussion Time**

Because I ate the entire box in one setting, and each snack had several grams of fiber, I uh, well…..I had a really good poo! 😀

So there you have it. I’m glad that we got a free Graze box to try. Even though we won’t be getting it again, I thought I’d review it anyway and let you decide whether or not to get it.


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