Clever Life Hacks That You Shouldn’t Try….

I just learned something new. While it may be fun and a much needed break to go off on a quick vacation in the middle of the week, there are drawbacks. The biggest one is the constant forgetfulness of what day of the week it is upon coming home.

At least half a dozen times today I thought it was Sunday. Seriously. I think I need a vacation to recover from my vacation. 😀

While on vacation though, I thought of this blog. And I have a question for all my readers:

So, let’s say you and your spouse went to a Weird Al Yankovic concert and during said concert, Weird Al performed the grammar appreciation song Word Crimes. During the song you actually learned a few tips that will make you a better writer and blogger. And because you are in the process of getting your blog to generate moolah, you wonder,

“Hmmmm….maybe I could write this concert off as a business expense.”

Eh, maybe that’s not the best idea. 😛

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