LAFF On Saturday: Strange Bathfellows……

Gosh, I’m not sure I even want to write this one, but something happened to me recently that has never happened before and it taught me that I probably need to be more mindful in my life and STOP hurrying (even when I’m in a hurry 😛 ).

Like I said, I wasn’t sure I was gonna write this one. Partly, eh, mostly, because it involves an element of phobia for a certain cross-section of the population. But as a blogger, I’ve often thought, “Well, if something crazy happens ever in life, maybe I can at least get a good blog out of it.”

I guess I’ve always been a bit of an optimist.

But back to what happened. Here is probably the part of the story where I warn you, if you don’t like surprise bug stories, you should probably stop reading now. I won’t be offended. 😉

So Thursday afternoon Chad and I were in a hurry. We both had to get ready for work at the same time. Doing everything as fast as we could. I had to jump into the bathtub and quickly scrub myself and wash my hair.

Now Chad and I both have long hair, which means we tend to track it everywhere. Including the bathtub. Usually I check before I get in to clean up any hair that has fallen in the tub. Thursday I was in too big of a rush. As I went to dip my hair in the water, I saw some loose hair floating on the surface that I’d neglected to collect before running my bath. So I reached my hand in to retrieve it and, “HOLY MOTHER! That’s NOT hair!! It has an EXOSKELETON!!”

A cricket.

I was bathing with a very real, very dead…….cricket. And it took me so long to realize this that one of its legs was floating 4 inches away from his body. Poor creepy guy.

So, to sum up, it’s prudent to slow down in life and enjoy every moment. Then make sure you aren’t bathing with anything with antenna. 😉

Happy weekend!!

PS: Apparently hurrying seems to run in my family. Here is a story that happened to my cousin on the SAME DAY. Enjoy! 😀


*I’m pretty sure if that cricket had had a tiny crown on it’s head I wouldn’t have screamed as loud. Probably. Image appears courtesy of

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