When Grief and PMS Collide……Strap Yourself in For a Bumpy Ride!….

Life over the past two weeks has been a blur since we had to put down our cat. The grief and pain I’ve gone through is something that I really didn’t expect. But a few days ago, fate or the universe decided to add one more element to my life; PMS. This is what can happen when grief and PMS collide:

1. You get a promo code from a friend for one of those snack subscription services and hurriedly order your first free box…..Then wait pretty impatiently for it to arrive at your door-thinking for some reason delivery would be immediate. Then you realize it takes a week to be delivered. You begin to hate the invention of time.

2. You eat your weight in Hershey’s chocolate and remind yourself how great of a decision you made in marrying Chad, as he bought you said chocolate without prompting.

3. For some unknown reason you wake up one morning to find your hair is so super frizzy on one side that when you comb through it, you pull out so much hair that you are inches away from having a bald spot. On the side of your head. #thatshot 

4. You finally break down and make that phone call to your therapist to schedule an appointment to discuss your grief over losing your cat. (Sidenote: Dear reader, if you have ever experienced the loss of a pet and are having difficulty dealing with the flood of emotions that are a part of the experience, DO NOT for a moment think that going to therapy to work through them is a sign of weakness or weird. Your pet was a part of your life, and if you don’t have human kids, they were your children. You are loved, you matter and you deserve to take care of yourself ❀ ).

5. You find another affiliate opportunity for your blog, but when you try to add them to your account, something goes wrong. You end up emailing said company and your tone is ever so slightly angsty. You cross your fingers and pray that they just ignore the tone and answer your inquiry.

6. In a moment of frustration when you are alone, you unleash a series of choice 4-letter words that would make your grandma blush. You instantly feel moderately better.


*What to consider if you are a guy and you think I’m being overly-dramatic in any way, shape or form. πŸ˜› #NoUterusNoOpinion


7 thoughts on “When Grief and PMS Collide……Strap Yourself in For a Bumpy Ride!….

  1. I’ve noticed that menstrual issues only crop up if the previous month was a crappy one, stress-wise. No amount of living right, eating right, breathing, or vitamins seems to put a big enough dent in that. If the last four weeks contained an inordinate amount of FUCK YOU ALL or TAKE ME NOW, just buy the big bag of chocolate, make yourself a vodka martini, and buckle up.


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