LAFF on Saturday: We’re Screwed! (Or Why Things Are About to Get Way More Exciting in Our Lives)….

Noticing Phoebe up on her hind legs peering into an open drawer of my desk, the following conversation took place (I will be translating Phoebe’s words because I speak fluent cat):
Me: “Phoebe, what are you doing?”
Phoebe: **glances at me as she starts to climb down. Then she runs to me and sits on my lap** “Nothing mom!”
Me: “Are you planning on trying to put your new brother or sister into that drawer?”

Phoebe: **peering up at me with innocent eyes** “Yeah. I was thinking about it”

I’m glad we have a month to go until our new feline addition arrives. 😀


Things are about to get really fun around here! 😀 Have any of you guys tried to integrate a kitten into your family that includes an elderly cat? How did it go? Do you have any tips? Let me know in the comment section. 🙂

Happy weekend!


*Dramatization of a scenario that is likely to play out at our house in the near future appears courtesy of Yahoo Search.

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