LAFF: Where Lulabelle Can’t Decide on a Title For Today’s Entry Due to Too Much to Do…..

This week I engaged in an activity that I need to do more.

I cleaned the house, including several vacuumings (thanks to wonderful friends who volunteered to help).

Now as I said I really should do this more. Especially considering what I found:

1. Pieces of the Magna Carta: (No idea how it got into the office closet or how in the world it ended up in shreds. I’m pretty sure we shouldn’t be trusted with anything ever again!)

2. The Ark of the Covenant: You wouldn’t think that thing would compact to fit into a tiny space, but you’d be wrong!

4. 10 bajillion dollars….in change. 5 Guys Burgers, here I come.

5. Half a dozen expired gift cards for various places in town that we never got to use because as soon as they hit the house, they formed an invisibility cloak around them and were never seen again. The invisibility cloak expired yesterday.

I died a little bit inside when I discovered them.

From now on I will try to clean more often. Apparently. 😀

Happy Weekend, y’all!


*The IT Crowd GIF appears courtesy of, our brilliant friends across the pond, and my mad googling skills

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