Motivational Tuesday……

It is Tuesday. We are not even halfway through the week. The weather is starting to get more sunny, but along with that comes the heat and the stickiness and the grossness.

This may leave you with an irresistible urge to shave your head (and you’ve somehow forgotten how to spell common words, even though you’re a daily blogger).

Please don’t shave your head.

I mean, I’m sure you’ll still look amazing and wonderful with a shiny noggin, but I just am afraid that you’ll regret that decision, even though through a shaved head you can feel the breeze better and this will in the short term help to cool you off.

We are not even half way through the week and your To-Do list keeps getting longer, with no projects crossed out yet.

Except the To-Do task of shaving your head because we just decided that might be a bad idea.

So dear friends, as we move into the middle part of our week, take heart. You can get through this. Just breathe…….and drink a little bit more coffee…….



*Photo Credit-our personal archives. Here our fearless blogger’s husband girds up his loins to make it through the middle of the week. Just add coffee! 😀

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