A Mother’s Day Blessing….In the Middle of The Greeting Card Aisle…..

I had a pretty great weekend including two dinners out with Chad, amazing sangria (thanks Olive Garden!), and the best one hour nap I’ve ever taken.

Seriously, it was amazing.

But perhaps the best part of the weekend came when we were out getting mother’s day gifts (yeah, we’re last minut-ers. Don’t judge 😛 ). I was perusing the greeting card aisle when I saw them. Among the categories of “Birthday,” “Get Well Soon,” and “Happy Graduation” was a category I had never seen before and my heart skipped a beat.

“Mothers Day: From Cat/Dog”

Oh how my heart sang!

In a culture that touts mothering tiny humans as the ultimate goal, it definitely blessed me to finally see pet-parenting acknowledged by a big national chain store. For the mothers who don’t have tiny humans, but love and care for their cats and dogs in the same way as if they were human.

Thanks CVS Pharmacy for including all mothers in the celebration this year.


image appears courtesy of: www.bigkittydesigns.com

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