When 50% Isn’t a Bad Average……Treating Your Cats for Fleas…..

Now before anyone freaks out, no we don’t have fleas. Once a month we give the girls a topical treatment that is intended to prevent those little buggers from jumping on to our furry penguin and squirrel and causing their hair to fall out.

This month has been a bit crazy so far, I know we are only 4 days in and it’ll probably get worse from here on out, so it wasn’t until today that we attempted to treat them. I say attempted because with two cats that are averse to having anything foreign on their skin, it can be an activity that takes a good while. With no guarantee that you’ll be completely successful.

There is really no preparation you can do for this aside from making sure you have the product at the ready before applying it to the cat’s neck. After application, if you can get that far, expect your furry companion to run away and only come out to feed, drink and poop, making sure to walk past you each time with a look in their eye that says, “I know what you did and you may want to sleep with one eye open from now on!”

So after the oldest was successfully treated, we turned our attention to the youngest. Who unfortunately saw what just happened with the oldest, decided she wasn’t gonna let that happen to her, and started making her escape. I almost had her as she rounded the corner out of the bedroom, but I swear scared, running cats are like greased watermelon, with claws and noodley spines, that can contort and squeeze through the tiniest of spaces.

The tiniest space in question was the space between my elbow and the floor. Which she managed to navigate like a freakin’ ninja.

Before I had a chance to pursue her again, there was a sudden loss of bladder control from one of the participants which I’m sure was all a strategically timed move to distract me from getting her treatment.

It’s all fun and games until someone pees the floor.

So as I shifted my focus to that floor clean up, Chad and I abandoned our quest.

Until we meet again tomorrow. I should probably try using The Force.

Stayed tuned. 😛



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