Beyond Tupperware…..Give Your Best Challenge…

The other day I was helping Chad get ready for work by packing his lunch. Occasionally he’ll pack up leftover pizza to eat later when work isn’t so busy. We’ve gotten into a habit of putting it in a deep Tupperware container that has a fancy lid that snaps into place on all sides (it’s square). It’s our fanciest piece of Tupperware and definitely a favorite. When it wasn’t in its usual spot or the three back up locations, the following conversation took place:

Me: “Honey, have you seen the good Tupperware that we keep your pizza for work?”

Chad: “Nope. Did we lend it out to somebody?”

Me: “I don’t think so. We aren’t that stupid.”

I immediately felt convicted.

Did I just seriously say that I’d not lend out or donate anything we have if it’s considered by me to be “the best one” or a “favorite”?

I thought about this further. In much of our 1st world culture, we hear things like, “donate your gently used (fill in the blank)” to whatever charity. Or when we hear of a community need, we look through our closet for things we don’t wear anymore, doesn’t matter if it is in good condition or especially stylish. And we walk away knowing that we’ve done a good deed.

But I have a challenge for all of us, including myself.

What if the next time someone asks to borrow something or a donation call is given, instead of looking for items that will “make do” why don’t we go out of our way to give our “favorite” or “best”? What would it be like if we gave without worrying about the value of the item? And focus more on the needs of others in the community.

So if you ever want borrow our best piece of Tupperware, you are more than welcome.

Assuming I can ever find it. 😉


LAFF On Thursday: Rejected Blog Follower Names…..

With the production of my upcoming book and my new blog domain name, I decided it was time to give all of my followers a name. After taking a very scientific poll on my facebook page, inviting anyone to submit a suggestion, one name stood out above the rest. So from now on my followers will be referred to as Anxienistas (pronounced ang-za-nistas). Why? Because you can still be fabulous while living with anxiety. Oh and this also applies to my male followers even though the name may seem a bit too feministy. Because real men aren’t afraid to confidently embrace their feminine side. 😉

In the process of coming up with a name for my subscribers, I did come up with some names that I’ve summarily rejected. Today I share them here for the humor value.

You are welcome! 😛

1. Lulabelle’s Lovelies: eh, I did like this one, but it sounds a bit juvenile and a bit too frou-frou

2. Lulabelle’s Lame-O’s: So yeah, probably not the best name to foster healthy mental healthness. Let’s move on…..

3. Lulabelle’s Lugnuts! (It has to have the exclamation mark): My blog is also not mechanically minded and I probably shouldn’t start changing it now so this one is out.

4. Lulabelle’s Land Lubbers: I’m not a pirate soooo…this one is walkin’ the plank 😉 😀 I did once dress up as a pirate for some sort of presentation in high school during a class trip. But the photo is buried deep in our archives. Stay tuned.

5. Lulabelle’s Lemmings: That’s just mean. We don’t even keep kool-aid in the house (not as a rule, we just don’t happen to have any right now 😛 ) I’m also scared of heights so I’d never willingly lead you off a cliff or bridge.

Happy Weekend!! 😀