The Saga of the Spoon…..

**A caveat for today to help you understand my state of mind at the moment: I woke up this afternoon (still on night shift-don’t judge 😉 ) and definitely felt off. Like I know Aunt Flow is fixing to arrive soon. Oh, she’s not here yet, hasn’t dropped her luggage, but she’s definitely circling the area 😛 **

Let me break down what just happened at our house. I was hungry. Really I was pretty hangry and had to take a few moments and breaths and had to try and remedy the situation by grabbing a can of soup from our pantry and a spoon from the kitchen drawer.

Then I sat down in our living room next to my purse that had exploded earlier and I hadn’t had time to put it back together. I grabbed my spoon and dug into the soup of rigatoni and sausage goodness.

And slowly began to feel human again.

So, happy in my new found human-ness, I sent some important emails, watched a couple YouTube videos and then it happened.

I glanced down at the floor and made a horrific discovery; the spoon I had gotten out of our kitchen drawer was still lying on the floor, unused.

WHAT had I used to eat my soup?? :-O

As it turns out, it definitely was a spoon…..but one that I’m pretty sure the cat had licked pumpkin off of earlier in the day.

Gross-a-Roo! 😛

Since I didn’t notice I had eaten off the cat-spit spoon till after my soup was gone, I’ve decided that maybe catspit has healthy junk in it that may benefit me.

Yeah. That sounds legit. 😉



I told Queen Elizabeth the spoon story and her face went like that. Image appears courtesy of:

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