LAFF: Where Lulabelle Gives You Tips On Changing the Sheets on the Bed When Your Cats Refuse to Get Off the Bed

Blogger’s note: Keep in mind the following tips are ones that I’ve not actually tried as the oldest just jumped down from sunning herself on the window ledge and now has to take another nap on the bed. Before I start trying to change the sheets. I’m outnumbered 2 to 1 and should probably wait for reinforcements. Although doing this solo could make for a good blog.

**Plot Twist**

OK people, this is gonna be an “In Real Time” entry. Strap yourselves in and make sure your helmets are secure:

7:19PM-This is the point where the blogger decides she needs some sustenance for the task at hand and grabs a can of soup; *Campbell’s Chunky Grilled Chicken and Sausage Gumbo to be exact. She then settles in to watch the latest Grey’s Anatomy episode.

8:25PM-After a Thin Mints break, in which time the blogger was hoping one or both cats would get off the bed, she screws up her courage and goes into laundry room to retrieve clean sheets.

8:32PM-Upon entering the bedroom and turning on the light, blogger only sees the oldest cat on the bed. As the youngest probably felt a sense of impending doom and hid herself in a place not yet found.

8:33PM-Deciding to take it slow, blogger changes the pillowcases first as this would not require the oldest cat to move from her position.

8:40PM-When the last pillowcase is in place, blogger throws off the blankets to ready the bed for the fitted sheet, and discovers the youngest. She’s doing yoga and chanting to stave off an anxiety attack but once she’s discovered, she bolts out of the room.

8:42PM-While the oldest fakes sleeping on blogger’s side of the bed, blogger positions herself on Chad’s side and begins slowly rolling the dirty fitted sheet off the bed toward her side. The oldest is now snoring.

8:48PM-As blogger goes to roll the fitted sheet, the youngest jumps up on the bed. Blogger continues rolling and the youngest moves to the other side. When the sheet is all the way on blogger’s side of the bed, the youngest jumps down, as the oldest is almost completely wrapped up in the sheet and not at all happy. She growls her disapproval and chases after the youngest. The chase ends right outside the bedroom door where the food bowl is kept. The oldest remembers how hangry she is and sits down to dinner. Blogger readies for phase 3 where the clean fitted sheet is placed onto the bed.

9:01PM (yes it took me 11 minutes to put on the fitted sheet. King-sized fitted sheets are about 90% harder to properly place than regular fitted sheets, and the sad part is, I’ve gotten good at it. )-Fitted sheet and blankets are in place and the cats were otherwise occupied the whole time so there were no interruptions or fears of nervous urination on places that shouldn’t have nervous urination.


Honestly I’m sitting here scratching my head. Every time before when the cats were awake and I’d try to make the bed, they would make a game of jumping up on it and getting in my way. To the point that I’d have to lift them off. But they’d still think I was playing so they’d jump up again. And I’d lift them off but they’d jump back on. Like annoying, furry boomerangs.

Today was a breeze.

Which scares me a little bit because this more than likely means they are planning something big. Likely involving massive amounts of vomit only discovered at 3am when you are on your way to the bathroom. Barefoot.

Stay Tuned, ya’ll!


*Campbells Chunky soup did NOT sponsor today’s blog, but they might want to start, judging by the ridiculous amount of soup cans we have stashed in the pantry.






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