Book Update and Reader Poll…..

So you are probably wondering…”I wonder how Lulabelle’s book is coming along?” Well, the process has slowed down a bit. I think I have a publisher, but don’t want to announce until I’m completely sure. So here are things that I know for sure:

1. I’m writing a book made up from the content of my blog

2. I’ve recently decided–Chad suggested it a good idea and I agree–that I’d also write a few pages of new content so it’s not just my published blog that is available in real life form.

3.  I need some help and guidance from YOU! What do you most want me to include in my book? Humor, Inspirational stuff, Cat Parenting Tips? All three?? Should I just completely scrap this blog and start again? (Please nobody pick this one!! 😛 ) Or should I do something that hasn’t been mentioned yet?

That seems to be it for today. My goal today is to change the sheets on the bed. I know that sounds like a pretty low set bar for my day, but keep in mind that we have two cats that LOVE to sleep on the bed. It’s to the point that they spend more time on the bed then off. Which is fine until you actually need to change the sheets for hygiene reasons and such. Look for my blog tomorrow where I give you tips on how to change the sheets on the bed when both of your cats refuse to get off the bed.

Say a prayer for me. Our oldest is stubborn and she recently purchased a beginners guide to the art of Krav Maga on Amazon.

PS: The following link is a survey about my book that I’d like my readers to take. It only takes a moment and will really help me out. Thanks! ❤

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