I Will Fear No Evil…..For Such a Time as This

Our church is going through a sermon series on Psalm 23. Each week our pastoral team breaks down one part of the psalm to focus on. All of this is to emphasis how much God loves us. This Sunday we focused on the following passage: “Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil.”

As someone who lives with anxiety, I have a lot of fears. Among the ones I’ve talked about in the past we have 1. Large Open Spaces 2. Loud Noises  and 3. Math. One fear that I’ve never mentioned is this; living in a society where I am no longer free to do and think and say as I wish.

As a child in our household history was a topic that was widely discussed. Specifically the Holocaust. I suppose it was because I’m the daughter of baby-boomers whose great uncles served in WWII. We read books on it and even went to a couple museum exhibits on the topic. By the time I reached high school you could say I was pretty well versed on the subject.

But all this education on the Holocaust had a draw back. Perhaps if I didn’t have anxiety, this wouldn’t be a big deal, but ever since I can remember I’ve been grateful that I live in a country and time where this hasn’t happened. Because I knew that if I lived in Europe 70 years ago, I’d be in fear for my life as a person with a disability.

But lately I’ve begun to worry that conditions in this country are ripe for something like the Holocaust to occur. Especially considering Donald Trump is still in the running.

Statements made by Trump eerily echo those made by Adolf Hitler in the 30’s and 40’s. Both men singled out a minority group as a scapegoat for the countries problems. Both asserted that said minority group should be specially marked so others know who they are. Both men have followers who accept, without question, the ideology spewing from their mouth.

Up until last Sunday, I struggled with fear at the prospect of Trump becoming our next president. But then that afternoon, the Lord reminded me of the bigger picture. Reminded me that He’s bigger than any problem and He’s ultimately the One whose on the throne. And He reminded me of the passage in Psalms that tells me to “Fear no evil.”

I was also reminded that although I’m just one person, I could do something to help. Like Esther from the Bible, I could speak out against harmful ideologies and people who are in a position of power. And I can refuse to let fear guide my life and choices. And maybe, like Esther, I was put here “for such a time as this” (Esther 4:14 NIV). To encourage people to live life without fear, despite what is going on around them. And to help those that are experiencing discrimination and persecution.

If you are also anxious about this presidential election, have no fear. Remember that you have a voice, you matter and you can make a difference.

“For such a time as this.”

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