Self Employment Tips for Tax Time and the Return-Sort Of-Of the Trash Bandit…….

Well, this was the last way I wanted to start today’s blog. Ok, that’s a little overly dramatic, but in my defense I thought we had this issue nipped in the proverbial bud. Apparently I was wronger than most of the stuff that flies out of Donald Trumps pie-hole. But here we are.

If you’ve been a regular subscriber of mine for more than 6 months, you’ll undoubtedly remember our issues with our trashcan and sticky fingers in the neighborhood. Well, after an unprecedented run of good luck, today we are back to square one…..sorta.

The difference is we know who took our trashcan this time because we can literally see it across the alley. In its new home. Here is the debate we are having:

Chad: “No, honey it wasn’t stolen because we can see it!”

Me: “Yeah, they done stoled it. It clearly has our house number on it. Since their house number and our house number is in fact not the same, and our can was sitting outside our house, yes, it was indeed stolen” šŸ˜›

So that said, we will be deploying the over-sized Nicaraguan attack gerbils before the day is done. If we can tear them away from their constant diet of Red Bull, licorice and Oreos. Lord have mercy!

And now I can’t even remember our topic of the day. Oh yes, let’s talk about TAXES!! Yay!! Really, no one else is excited about filing this year?? šŸ˜€ Today I thought I’d focus on what you need to do to prepare for taxes if you are self employed.

1. Because of your self employment, you most likely aren’t getting a regular pay stub that lists your hours and rate of pay. This is why you need to keep a detailed record of this on your computer somewhere. Make sure you write down the day you worked, the hours logged and the pay you received. If you are away from a computer during your work shift, as I am as a child-care worker, keep a small notebook in your purse or pocket to record your hours and rate of pay (as well as the person you worked for, as in my case) so you don’t forget when you are home transferring the information to your computer.

2. Save the document often and make sure to back it up on your computer in case your computer gets attacked by those dreaded computer zombies that feed on only the most important documents on your hard-drive. Seriously, let me know how it works out to tell the IRS that your records suck because zombies ate the original copies. šŸ˜‰

3. Save any and all receipts having to do with the running of your business. This includes restaurant and gas receipts if you do any traveling for your business during business hours. each receipt has the potential to be a write-off for your business.

Tax season can be overwhelming to those of us with anxiety, but especially those of us that are self employed. Implementing these tips can help to relieve some of this stress.


PS: Video warning you of the risks of having your cats do your taxes appears courtesy of Youtube

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