Lulabelle DIY’s a Kick-*SS Cat Carrier Cover…..

A few days ago we got up, did some cardio and ran some errands.

I’m sure you’re probably thinking, “Dang, they do cardio early in the morning and I’m sitting here eating girl scout cookies…in my pajamas!” Well, let me make you feel better. That cardio I was talking about….was the result of chasing a scared angry cat around the house, trying to get her into the cat carrier so we could take her to the vet.

Yep, after the first attempt was deemed unsuccessful, we closed all the doors in the house (blocking all exits), I played “goalie” and readied myself to catch an angry, nervous cat as Chad shooed her into my “territory.”

I missed.

So we had to try again, and finally were successful. And she was not a happy camper. But the trip to the vet wasn’t as traumatic as normal (at least the car ride itself). Why? Two things: pheromones and towels.

Our veterinarian has in the last year enacted a new strategy for treating cats when they come into her office. As soon as a cat and cat parent walk through the doors, a towel that has been sprayed with pheromones is placed over the carrier. This calms the cat and helps to alleviate the stress of the visit. As much as possible during the visit the cat remains in close contact with the pheromone sprayed towels.

The result is calmer cats and happier cat-parents.

The concept of a cat carrier cover got me thinking and my creative juices began to flow. And I came up with a DIY cat carrier cover. Today I show you how to make your own for absolutely nothing (unless you want to bedazzle it with the names of your fur-kids. I’m still debating whether or not to do that. 😉 )

Step 1: Get yourself a large bath towel. This can be an old one that you don’t mind cutting up, or you can buy a new one.

Step 2: pull the handle up on the carrier and drape the towel over the top of the carrier, making sure the towel covers both openings completely. You may need to do some shifting around to get the towel placed properly.

Step 3: Once the towel is in place, take a sharpie marker or dark pen and make a line a bit longer than the entire length of the handle. This is why the handle should remain up so you know where to mark. Marking it slightly longer will allow you to make adjustments once the towel is cut and in place.

Step 4: Take the towel off the carrier and with a good pair of scissors, cut along the line you just made. Fit the towel on the handle through the hole and if need be, cut the towel along the bottom if it hangs down further than the bottom of the carrier.

Before going to the vet, take the towel off the carrier and spray both sides with pheromones and shake the towel so the pheromones cover every inch. Do not spray directly on the cat as ingestion during grooming could be dangerous.

Replace the cover and place cat inside. Have a soft blanket (I go for a soft water proof pad-our cats are nervous pee-ers) inside for your cat to sit on during the ride to and from the vet. Make sure the towel covers the entire carrier as the darker it is, the safer your cat will feel.



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