Finding Your Voice and Going to the Mattresses…..


The above photo explains my day perfectly. No, I was not the sleeping, cuddly polar bear, I was the bad *ss penguin with the cymbals. And I don’t run really fast, so my brave thing was done with double courage. What was this brave thing, you ask? Did I write a scathing letter to Donald Trump, calling him a doody-head? Or maybe I prank called PBS during their pledge-drive while watching their channel, just to hear my telephone ring on TV. Nope. But I did do that last thing when I was a kid. In my defense, my older sister who should have known better also did it. 😉

While I didn’t call PBS, but I did make a phone call. To a computer repair guy who I had taken my mac to for repair….several months ago. Yes, I recently got my computer back, from the place I had taken it to be repaired from the first repair guy.

Yeah. This mama wasn’t happy with the first guy. Why? Well, when you take your computer into a repair place that has been highly recommended and it comes back–several weeks later–with an incompatible trackpad, you tend to get a bit miffed. For those unfamiliar with why this would make me frustrated, let me break it down for you. When you have a computer that has an incompatible part, your computer is not going to perform the way it should. Like at all. And when you rely on your computer as a daily blogger, this frustration is amplified.

So why has it taken me so long to call this guy? Well, he’s one of those intimidating types. I hate to even admit that because I have a reputation, at least in our house, for being firm with repair guys if they waffle with repairs. There’s a reason “let me have you talk to my wife” has been known to get results.

But this guy was different. I guess it was his stature and intimidating presence that made me nervous and dread calling him to follow-up when my computer wasn’t repaired within the time frame discussed. Then when my computer came back, I discovered it was not working properly. A quick trip to the Apple repair store (that I had just discovered in town), and it was determined that the track pad installed was the wrong one.

By the time it had been fixed properly it had been several months since I had taken it to the first guy. And I didn’t call about getting a refund until today. I just wanted to get a refund without having to deal with the repair guy.

Somedays I hate adulting. Today was no exception. But I knew after so long I had to do it and try to reason with him to give us a refund (yes we have proof the wrong track pad was installed. So today I steeled my resolve, took a deep breath and dialed.

He didn’t answer so I left a message. The plot thickens. Stay tuned!

Do you have anxiety over confronting someone who did you wrong? I know it’s hard but you can do it. You aren’t alone.


PS: So you are wondering what “going to the mattresses” mean? Yep, forgot to explain (it’s been a long day). It’s a phrase originating from The Godfather movies (that I’ve never seen) and used in the movie You’ve Got Mail (one of my faves). To “go to the mattresses” is a colloquialism to describe fighting or going to war with a person or group. It can also mean to fight for what is right. At least this is a meaning that makes sense to me, no matter if its technically the correct one. 😉

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