To the LGBTQ Youth Sitting In the Church Pew Contemplating Suicide……

As a blogger, there are times when you have to take risks. Today is one of those days. But the risk is for the greater good.

Last night I felt God asking me to write about a controversial topic. I stopped dead in my tracks and asked for clarification. I heard the same message again. Again I asked to be sure. I prayed for clarity and if this was really something I was supposed to address on my blog, that I would do so without fear. When I woke up today, this was the first thing that I thought of. So I took that as confirmation that, although this is a heated topic, specifically within the bubble of Evangelicalism, that I remain obedient to the Lord’s leading.

But I still struggled. I can’t stand conflict and knew if I wrote on this topic the way I had been led, conflict was going to follow. But then He reminded me that even if conflict follows, writing on this topic will help to save lives and that is more important than fielding dissenting views and being uncomfortable. So, deep breath and go!…..

To the LGBTQ Youth Sitting In the Church Pew Contemplating Suicide…….

1. Jesus loves you. Let me rewrite that. Jesus loves you NO MATTER WHO YOU ARE OR WHAT YOU’VE DONE (or think you’ve done). He loves you unconditionally. Nothing you do can change that. EVER.

2. You matter to the world. You have a purpose here and have talents and strengths that the world needs. Figure out what these are, and use them to further God’s Kingdom.

3. God also doesn’t make mistakes. YOU dear reader, are NOT a mistake. You were made perfectly in the image of God.

4. If you need someone to talk to who is a person of faith in a supportive community, you can find resources at the link below. The Trevor Project exists to help save lives and support LGBTQ youth in crisis. They have links to religious organizations that are supportive and welcoming.

If no one else will tell you this, know that I am in your corner, dear reader. You are loved and you matter.

And you are never, EVER alone.

4 thoughts on “To the LGBTQ Youth Sitting In the Church Pew Contemplating Suicide……

  1. I think there needs to be a loud and very clear and sustained action by the religious communities that are LGBTQIA+ allies. They need to shout out loud enough something along the lines of:

    We accept you as you are. We don’t judge you. We don’t want to change you. We don’t want to fix you. Your sexuality is not a sin. Your gender identity is not a sin. Your sexuality and gender identity is no one’s business.

    As an LGBTQIA+ person who is not religious, my heart always warms to religious communities who respect and accept people as they are. But I don’t think they are loud enough and the voices are lost inside the noise of people who don’t understand that unconditional love means accepting the other person as they are without judgement of any kind.

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