We ♥ Spring

Well, that was good while it lasted. Really we all knew any day now that those freaky 50 degree temperatures would soon give way to snow and cold and suck. The suck is here. And this mama isn’t going outside unless she has to.

This winter weather has made the air inside so dry that you could, in theory, dump a glass of water over and it would absorb into the air before it hits your one-of-a-kind Persian rug  hand-woven by blind nuns. #donttrythisathomekids.

Honestly, I don’t remember winter being as dry as it has this year, and I was born and raised in this state. My scalp is dry and flaky, my nose and lips are chapped, and I have to wear eight layers in the house even though our heat is on. **blogger pauses to re-apply moisturizing balm onto lips**

Guys, it’s bad. How bad?

Well, I think despite the hardships we’ve had regarding the cold weather lately, our cats have it slightly worse. Particularly the youngest. I feel bad that this has been happening for the last few days, but I just noticed today. While brushing her, I realized just how dry the air is. When your cat’s fur stands up on end and attracts the laundry that you are folding nearby, you know it’s especially dry. Also, each time the brush passed through her tail, her hair stood up on end, making it appear as though she had stuck her paw into a light socket and fallen off the meth-wagon. Again.

Long story short, we can’t wait for Spring!


PS: Here’s hoping they don’t get into a cat-fight so strong that they generate enough static electricity to burst into flames. Fingers crossed.



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