Who’s Your Daddy?

Recently I went through a spiritual valley. One of my closest friends and I had a period of silence. We’d been friends since college and have talked on the phone regularly since then. She was also a vital part of our wedding. That is what made our falling out all the more jolting.

Every day of our silence I prayed. I prayed for my friend and our relationship. Even though I didn’t understand why God had allowed this to happen, I knew that there was a lesson hidden inside. So I kept praying and waited. Then the Lord spoke to me a few weeks later. And His insight left me humbled and a bit uneasy.

See, I had gotten into a habit. Anytime I’d have something go south in my life, I’d immediately call or text this friend and ask for prayers. I knew she was (and still is) an amazing prayer warrior and I felt like I needed to have her prayers on my behalf to fix whatever crappy situation I was going through. You know the one source I didn’t go to first? God. The highest supreme being, the One who made the freakin’ universe and decided I needed to be in it. It got to the point that I would at times completely forget to ask God myself to intervene.


Yeah. Like I said, this realization was humbling. And as soon as it hit me, I prayed. And asked for forgiveness.

And since then I’ve been aware and when any life struggle hits, I focus my mind upward. And pray for my Heavenly Father to intervene.

Never give up guys. You are NEVER alone!


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