Manic Monday and Teachable Moments…..

Today has been the Monday-est Monday in recent memory. Our family is having to shift to a new life schedule, and that’s thrown a monkey-wrench in a few things, including my blogging upload schedule. Also, our days and nights are going to be confused for a little till we get adjusted.

So, let’s have some brainless humor today! Did you happen to catch the Super Bowl yesterday? Unless the Colts are playing I really just tune in to see the commercials, so this year was no different. Does anyone else think the quality of the ads has gone way downhill the last couple of years? You know it’s bad when the dopey, cheese-fest that is local advertising create better quality commercials than the nationwide companies that spend bazillions of dollars for a 30-second spot.

Even though the quality of the ads kinda sucks like a high-end Dyson, they still end up teaching us a few things. Last night we learned that lots of people make babies after watching the big game (Oh, and I did the math and I missed being a “super bowl baby” by only a few weeks–apparently, my parents couldn’t wait :-P). Also, Missy Elliot still has killer dance moves. But perhaps the most important lesson is this: It doesn’t matter that puppies, babies, and monkeys are cute on their own, combining them, in fact, does NOT ratchet up the cute factor, but instead makes for bizarre dreams involving Mariska Hargitay. Ok, that one was probably due to my recent habit of binge-watching Law and Order: SVU while writing and nest-fluffing during the day.

So here is to life changes and learning to adapt! The following is one of my favorite Super Bowl commercials of last night. Enjoy! (And don’t drink and drive. 😉 )

PS: I promise the following post was written on Monday and published at 11:23pm even though the date on this post says Tuesday.

PPS: I just googled the word “pillock” but didn’t include its definition. I trust that you have the ability to google it yourself. This will scrub my hands of any responsibility if your child chooses to use it randomly during a pause in the 3rd act of Hamlet. Bravo to you for exposing your child to the finer things in life.

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