Lulabelle Cooks Without a Net…But Should Have In This Case: You Had Me at Merlot

Happy Caucus Day, Iowans! To break the tension, I thought we’d start out Monday with some humor……

Technically the exact wording on the invitation was, “there will be mulled wine in the crock pot.”Even if it hadn’t been one of my closest friend’s birthday parties; I still would have gone. She had me at “mulled wine in the crock pot.”

So on party day I carefully wrapped my favorite wine glass in plastic and put it in my purse. Yes, I now bring my own wine glass to gatherings where I know there is gonna be wine. But that is another story for another blog. 😉

The warm wine was a delicious addition to a wintry girls night out. While there was a sizable crowd, at the end of the night, there was still wine leftover. And I was the last guest to leave so the leftovers went home with me. Normally my husband and I have a policy of not having alcohol in the house, but I decided to take it anyway. There didn’t seem like there was much left. And my creative juices began flowing.

This ended up being a bad idea. Seriously guys. I even debated whether or not to write this one. But I’m pressing on because my mistake should be used to teach others not to make the same one. Although I think I’d be hard pressed to find someone that did the same thing I did. Moving on…..

Ok, so our blender has been the most used wedding gift we’ve been given. A few years ago I really got into making smoothies and enjoy experimenting with different ingredients.

Can anyone see where I’m going with this?

Although I use different ingredients in each smoothie experiment, there are at least two constant items; bananas and spinach.

During this last experiment I discovered we no longer had bananas, so…..

Iputfrozenspinachinawinesmoothie. Let me try that again; slower…..

I put frozen spinach in a wine smoothie. **blogger hides in shame inside Catty Stacks condo to avoid the onslaught of flying tomatoes from angry readers. After screwing up her courage, she emerges and continues**……..

And now we move to the “In My Defense” portion of today’s blog:

In my defense, I thought the spinach would blend easily into the wine and it wouldn’t be detectable. I was very wrong.

I thought it would give it a unique flavor. It kinda did. The flavor of soil. Drink up, people! 😀

I wasn’t expecting the spinach to separate completely from the wine. I probably should have listened more in science class. The resulting consistency was like lawn clippings. Alcoholic lawn clippings. Yummy!

In my defense, would you believe I was attempting to add more fiber to my diet, so that’s why….Ok, even I don’t believe that one. 😛

So, the biggest lesson I learned? When experimenting with wine, stick to fruit. I should have stopped at the cranberry juice and oranges I blended in. They blended in quite nicely and gave the wine a bit of a punch.

Next time I’ll leave the spinach for the salad. Unless we adopt an over-sized rabbit that demands only the best frozen spinach….



2 thoughts on “Lulabelle Cooks Without a Net…But Should Have In This Case: You Had Me at Merlot

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