Epic Nest Fluffing and Magic Erasers……

Due to several situations way beyond the blogger’s control, today’s planned blog has been moved to either the weekend or Monday. Stay tuned.

In the meantime, Lulabelle was giddy over finding a random knock off Magic Eraser in the house and plans to partake in epic “nest fluffing” (this is a term she coined referring to housework. Feel free to use it so it spreads) this evening.

By the time the day is done, the chrome will shine, the sink will-hopefully-be rust-free and I may even venture outside to scrape the rest of the old paint off our backdoor frame and repaint it.

Ok, that last activity will more than likely not get done, but I will be doing some ‘sperimentin’ on what the Magic Eraser actually erases. And I will blog the results. Will our sink be rust free? Will our counter tops finally be one color?? Will our laundry get folded and put away??

Maybe there are some things that the Magic Eraser can’t fix.

Stay tuned!



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