LAFF: Lulabelle Reviews: Talking Babble Ball Dog Toy: Like a Teletubby for Your Pet…….

I know what you are thinking, “Lady, you don’t have a dog. Why did you buy a dog toy?” Fair question. Let me explain…..

A few months ago, Chad and I were at the grocery store and happened to pass through the pet aisle. I saw these small plastic balls hung on the shelf by another strip of plastic. I had yet to realize they were for dogs, but I was intrigued. Especially after just walking past them made them “talk.” Being in a crowded noisy store, I didn’t exactly hear what they said, but I realized they made a sound. I called Chad over to demonstrate them. After hearing them talk, we both thought it’d be a fun toy to buy to see what our cats would do. It was at this point that we realized it was a dog toy, but bought it anyway because it’s us and we occasionally like to push the boundaries of what is acceptable behavior.

So we paid for our items and put them in the car for the ride home. This was a quieter environment, but we still couldn’t make out what the toy said, but it kept going off every time we’d go over a bump or stop at intersections. Or drive around corners. Or drive straight.

It really was the most entertainingly hilarious trip home we’d ever had.

As soon as we came home, the ball came out of the package and we tried it out with the cats. They really couldn’t have cared less if they tried. When we realized they weren’t really into it, we had decided to gift it to friends of ours with a big dog (and a 3 yr. old). It was only then that we started figuring out what this ball was saying. According to my research (read: dropping the ball several times), it says about a dozen phrases. But some of these phrases are a bit, shall we say, inappropriate…….

I guess the most logical thing is to ask yourself in what context are the phrases, “yeah, baby” and “hey big daddy!” an appropriate way to talk to your dog?? Maybe there is something in dog culture we are missing! ๐Ÿ˜€

The Babble Ball can be purchased at your local pet store and through for less than $10. According to their website, the phrases I mentioned above are slightly different than my interpretation, but I still stand by this review. Consider this to be like a Teletubby for your dog. We are all familiar with the weird nonsense they spout.

So I’d pass on this one unless you have a dog, but not a small child that can misunderstand electronic phrases and repeats the misunderstood words later during a Quaker meeting because the Spirit moved them. ๐Ÿ˜€

Happy Weekend!!

Inadvisable costume for your dog appears courtesy of


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