Lulabelle Reviews: Catty Stacks Cat Houses….

I’ve written numerous times before about our oldest cat and her history of aggressiveness. After years of frustration, it appears we may have turned the corner. And it’s all thanks to a cardboard box. No really, it’s true.

During a shopping outing to PetSmart, we found a product called Catty Stacks in the clearance aisle. According to the end cap, Catty Stacks are a series of boxes that can be hooked together to make a play space for your cat.

We took them home and assembled them immediately. One package contains four flat boxes. It should be noted that it took me a good two hours to get them assembled, but I think that was due to being distracted and my well documented knack for misinterpreting instructions :-D.

The coolest thing about Catty Stacks is that they can be rearranged easily any time and moved to anywhere. They hook together with a series of clips that resemble those which hold large reams of paper. They also have holes in each side where the cat can walk freely back and forth through the boxes.

Here is a picture of how we had them set up yesterday. I’ve gone ahead and changed the arrangement of them to prevent boredom. Disregard the pissed off look on her face. That’s just the way God made her face. It’s possible she’s related to Grumpy Cat.

cathycat on cattystacks

You can also purchased Catty Stacks online at According to the website, Catty Stacks are available in a few different colors and patterns.

Catty Stacks are also beneficial for shy cats that like to hide from the world. Simply put a blanket or towel over a section of the boxes and they can hang out in a stress-free environment. Put a few toys in the box for added comfort.

Catty Stacks retail in store for about $12 per unit (each unit contains 4 boxes). Online they are about the same, but you have to buy two units at a time. Eventually we’d like to buy more units in order to make a larger series of boxes for them to explore and climb.

The materials used for Catty Stacks are thick and durable enough to withstand feline claws and teeth. The clips are strong enough to hold the boxes together, but not interesting enough for our cats to try and pry them apart.

We give this product an enthusiastic two paws up!

FTC Disclaimer: Catty Stacks was purchased by me. All opinions are my own.

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