Adulting and a DIY Face Mask to Soothe Holiday Stress…

Well guys, I had high hopes for today. I had imagined that we’d take our holiday family photo so I could cross that off our to-do list. It’s not looking like it’s gonna happen today. Between both cats napping at the same time in separate areas of the house, errands that needed to be run, and the youngest cat avoiding me even after her nap because she still remembers the attempt last night to clean her ears (I only got one done before she ran for her life 😛 ), I think we’ll have to postpone our photo for another day.

So until then, here is a facial mask that you can make at home that promises to soothe your face and is, apparently if YouTube is to be believed, good for acne-prone skin.

Step 1: Here, um, you’re gonna rub some Pepto-Bismol on your face. (Hey, why are you running away from me?? This is a legit beauty mask that is supposed to calm acne and soothe sensitive skin-according to the internet. And hopefully as an added benefit it’ll vanish the mustache that is starting to form over my upper lip. Yelch!)
pepto bismol facial

Step 2: Dab a thin layer over your face with an old foundation brush, cotton ball or in my case, cushy toilet paper. As you can see in the photo above, it doesn’t really show up that well on my pale as notebook paper face. I promise I have it covering my face and you aren’t being Punk’d.

Wait for it to dry, about 15-20 minutes and then rinse off with cool water. You’ll know it’s time to rinse when you move your face and see little pink cracks beginning to form. Think of this as what you may look like WAY in the future. 😉

Honestly while I was waiting for it all to dry, I wasn’t too impressed. It does tighten your face which is a bonus, but it smells like, well, Pepto-Bismol. And I’ve had an aversion to the liquid form ever since I was a little kid and I had the stomach flu and my mom gave me the liquid version. I immediately threw up. In my mom’s defense she said I would have thrown up anyway, but ever since then, I’ve avoided the stuff……until today. But I think my opinion is changing because….


It came off pretty easy with just plain water and when I dried off my face, only a little pink transferred to our hand towel. Yes, my mustache is still visible, but the mask didn’t claim to remove hair (dangit! 😛 ).

So I think all in all it was a success and I’ll be using this in the future.

Now, does anyone out there have a recipe for this one?  😉 :


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PS: Blogger Face Update: I’d just like to point out that it doesn’t completely come off with just water, you do need a little bit of a mild soap. I thought I saw tinges of more pink than usual in my skin (my skin is quite yellow-y) and with a quick spray and swipe of MAC’s Fix + I was able to see that I still had dried Pepto on my face. The additional washing with soap did not diminish the softness the mask left.





WordPress Christmas PSA….

Don’t worry, your computer isn’t doing something wonky. There really are small white dots falling down over the entire screen on my blog. It’s bloggers version of snow and will continue to fall until January 4th.

Now you can breathe a collective sigh of relief as you don’t actually need to buy a new computer this close to Christmas. Phew! 😉

And now you can return to your regularly scheduled Christmas panic.

Awkward Family Holiday Photos Part 1

T-minus 9 days till Christmas. Are you ready? Me neither. Honestly I haven’t even started shopping. I am however making progress. I have a load of laundry going and last night I finished my nephew’s one-year old birthday picture. I gotta say I’m pretty excited about it, but you’ll have to wait till after Christmas to see it. I promise I’ll put it in a blog.

This afternoon I am brainstorming ideas for our first official family portrait for our Christmas card. Ok, it’s more than likely gonna be a New Years card because, let’s be real, it ain’t gonna happen in 9 days. The portrait may be taken, but the actual card will probably take some time to create.

Dear family, in all honesty I wouldn’t look for this thing in the mail till March. Seriously.

I’m pretty excited about our family holiday (yay March?) card. My sisters send one out every year and they are always pretty cute. Of course ours will be different because our kids have four legs and fur. And get themselves in crazy yoga positions to wash themselves. Hopefully that won’t end up on the card, but cats are pretty unpredictable. I guess that’s part of the excitement. And maybe we could end up being featured on Awkward Family Photos. We happen to be pretty big fans.

So, did we hire a photographer? Nope. This is gonna be a strictly DIY holiday card. We had wanted to hire a photographer, but our youngest is really shy and tends to hide from people she doesn’t know, (or when Chad walks through the door….She’s an enigma wrapped in fur 😛 ).

You may be wondering how we are gonna take a good portrait without a professional photographer. Two words: Selfie Stick! A good friend of ours recently purchased one and is graciously letting us borrow it for this endeavor. This allows you to put your camera in the claw thing and take a picture of a landscape with minimal effort.

The process is virtually hands-free. While the other hand is on the youngest cat who’s trying to make a break for it because the oldest decided now would be the perfect time to see if the youngest would make a good football and is about to “kick off.” After you thwart the oldest’s plan, she remembers she’s the star of the show (she thinks she’s the reason for the season. We are working on being more humble-but she’s a cat so it’s not really helping much) and she’s  prancing back and forth between the two of us on the couch, nuzzling our hands and sticking her bum in the air. Not exactly the perfect angle I had envisioned. Whilst this is going on the youngest has sought refuge underneath the couch and is now making loud retching sounds as puking is her go-to behavior when she’s stressed.

Yep, this family photo is gonna be great. Don’t worry, I will share outtakes on here when they are done. 😉

Happy Holidays!



Lulabelle Cooks Without a Net #2:DIY Froot Loops

I definitely feel it’s a Monday today. Our Christmas tree that’s on the porch must have felt the same because when I opened the front door to turn the lights on, I found it laying on its side (apparently our tree is no match for the wind of winter-either that or it sneezed 😀 ). I’m so tired that I can hardly conjure the brain cells needed for a worthwhile, inspirationally inspired (um, yeah, that’s a thing) post, but I can show you how to make my new favorite breakfast.

When I wake up in the morning, I need two things. One, I need coffee STAT. Also my blood sugar is low so I have to have a breakfast that is a little bit sugary. But we don’t buy sugary cereal (which is also not so healthy anyway). So last week I DIY’d a childhood favorite (that we only got at grandma’s because my parents also didn’t buy sugary cereal).

Guys, today I show you how you can make your own bowl of Froot Loops! And it’s SO easy, you only need 3 ingredients. And I’m pretty sure this is a cheaper option to buying the colorful, cartoon bird adorned box of sugar chunks that would be the alternative.

Step one: fill a cereal bowl with regular Cheerios (faux knock-off brand Cheerios works as well 😉 )

Step two: sprinkle a light dusting of Stawberry Quik powder over the Cheerios

Step 3: add milk (You can choose to reverse steps 2 and 3, but the powder may incorporate better into the milk if added first)

That’s it. And according to the back of the Quik container, the enclosed powder has less sugar per gram than other strawberry flavored milk alternatives (however, this information comes from a cartoon bunny who’s primary diet consists of sugary milk powder, so consider the source. I’m willing to take his word for it. 😛 )

So if you need more than coffee to jump start a raining Monday, I have you covered.

Happy Eating!


memes_2014_02_24 (1)

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LAFF: Lies the Internet Tells You…..

1.”You can tell when your cat is happy when their tail is pointed straight up and it’s moving back and forth quickly.”

The Freddy Krueger-esque scratches on my leg are proof that this is in fact a lie (and our cat may be bi-polar, we’re looking into it)

2. Any meme or quote attributed to Abraham Lincoln that has anything to do with the internet and memes.

I’ll give you a moment to think this one through. Take your time.

3. “Like this photo and Facebook will give this poor child money! Like=$1 Share=$50

Ok this one is a legit gripe of mine. I’ve been guilty of sharing these too, but the fact is Facebook will NEVER do this. Seriously, do you think the founder of Facebook who just donated his own money to “charity”, a charity he founded himself (essentially just taking his own money and putting it into another account of his that he created) would do this?

4. Anything that comes out of Hillary Clinton’s mouth.

This one is self explanatory. You may have to reread it several times

5. “Share this picture of a winning lottery ticket, by 5pm CT, and the winner will split it with 20 people who share this photo of a winning lottery ticket!”

Seriously, If this had been real, I’da been a bajillionaire by now. We stopped using our printer several months ago because ink is too expensive. Clearly, if this had been true, ink is the first think we’da bought, and plastered our house with printed photos of Grumpy Cat.

I think this list is long enough for now. I also have an announcement: My husband decided to get into the blogging game a few days ago and has some pretty great stuff (“she said with no hint of bias what-so-ever” 😉 ) You can find his stuff here.

Have a great weekend!


Abraham Lincoln Blog Love 2

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A Thank You to Hollywood, From a Childless Woman

Dear Hollywood:

A few weeks ago I sat down on a rainy Saturday to decorate my house for Christmas and watch a movie. The movie I chose was 2014’s retelling of the story of Noah, with Russell Crowe. Now I understand that as artistic expression, you had to paint outside the lines of the original story and add your own special spin. That’s why there were Transformer Rock characters. I have to admit that it got so hokey, I started blogging about it in real time. You can read that post here.

But something happened in the middle of the movie that moved me in a way I never expected. That scene where Noah and Ila were in the ark and Ila is saying it’s not fair for her to be married to Shem because she is barren. At that moment, Noah tells her, “you have more worth, and you matter.”

I wanted to hug Noah. And the writers of the film.

Yes, I realize it wasn’t something that was probably said back in Noah’s day. Especially after the flood when the earth needed to be repopulated…. but I’m just gonna gloss over that one. Trying to keep this entry family-friendly ;-).

Even in the year 2015, many women are made to feel worthless if they decide to not have kids, or if they are physically unable. This statement from the movie was a breath of fresh air.

Our decision to remain childless has definitely changed our perspective about how women’s worth is tied into if she can have a baby or raise a child as a mother. And in the year since living our new reality, when we hear these sentiments, we’ve tried to counter them with examples of woman having fulfilling lives that don’t involve raising kids.

Most importantly I’m glad this line is in the movie, because I feel like this is what God is telling some women. That having children is not their path in life, but that’s ok. That you are a valued and loved individual that can do great things for the world.

So thank you, Hollywood. In your quest to modernize the story of Noah, with it’s Transformer Rock characters and cutting edge fashion (seriously, I’d really like that sweater thing that Ila wears at the end of the film), you managed to give women around the world a glimmer of happiness that someone finally gets it.

And we are grateful.

**Blogger’s Note/Spoiler Alert: Just wanted to point out that in the movie the character of Illa (that doesn’t appear in the Biblical account) is barren for just a short time. She does give birth by the end of the film. I don’t think this plot twist devalues Noah’s earlier words in any way.

The Good Fight: A Primer For Newlyweds on How to Navigate Your First Fight

Ah, marriage. In the beginning everything is bliss. You’ve  even convinced yourself that your spouse’s poop smells of rainbows and glitter. (Ok, that may be a lie. To be honest I don’t even know if rainbows and glitter smell all that nice. I guess that’s just implied since they look so pretty, they’d have a pleasing aroma.)

So you are coasting along in martial bliss, smelling rainbow and glitter poop, when suddenly, without warning, it happens: your first fight. This can be a disorienting time for you and your spouse if you’ve gotten along well before this point. Today I wanted to offer some tips and words of wisdom to help you both navigate this time. 

1. Avoid putting your spouse on a pedestal.

Your spouse is your knight-in-shining-armor or your tiara-decked queen. Because of how highly you value them, you may be tempted to put them on a pedestal. Don’t. If you put them on a pedestal, it will crush you when the inevitable happens: They fall. They will fall every time because of their imperfect human-ness. You can avoid this disappointment by realizing that even on the best days, your spouse will make mistakes and is just as worthy of forgiveness as you are when you fail.

2. Put your pride aside and own your part of the fight.

I am a reformed yeller. Because I can sometimes start yelling during an argument, my spouse finally confided in me (after an occasion where yelling commenced) that my yelling made him uneasy. Knowing this broke my heart. Your spouse is supposed to be your confidant, your soft place to fall, and the last thing I wanted was for my husband to feel uneasy around me. So, I made a vow to work on my response to conflict. If an argument escalates, I take a step back, take a few deep breaths and calmly communicate my side.

3. If necessary, seek outside counsel.

I once believed that the best investment in our marriage we ever made was a memory foam mattress (one of us is a snorer and it helped eliminate this)  😉 , but having a few years of marriage under my belt, I can say the best investment we have ever made in our marriage is counseling.

Sometimes it’s worth it to hear from a neutral 3rd party on ways to improve your marriage and handle conflict.

4. Understand that after your first fight, your marriage will never be the same, but that’s OK.

It will be in a more mature, honest place. Over time your marriage will change, but that is how you grow: Together, till death do you part.

*Disclaimer: I realize that not all couples are necessarily skilled in conflict resolution, and sometimes situations may unfortunately escalate. Please understand that physical violence and emotional abuse are never justified. If you find yourself in those situations, please seek help. You can seek confidential help at