Silent Night…..

A few days ago I promised to upload the outtakes from our family holiday photo session. So, behold the gloriousness:

Oh, that reminds me, there is nothing wrong with your computer. Our family Christmas video does not in fact have sound. We didn’t even realize we were gonna do a video. When we planned our photo session we planned the theme–Christmas Morning–and even wore our pajamas. What we didn’t plan for were uncooperative cats. You’d think after over a decade of cat ownership, we’d know this by now, but cats can be unpredictable and hard to work with. Especially when you bring out the selfie stick and the youngest freaks out and runs for her life into the next room.

So, we decided to improvise and work with what we had left, each other and the oldest cat. In that spirit, we decided to make a video of our Christmas greeting. So we pushed record and began. And the oldest suddenly grew bored and jumped off the couch. Leaving both Chad and I in our pajamas, hair askew, surrounded by cat toys, trying to make the best of it. At one point we picked up our oldest so she could say hi, but she still wasn’t having any of it and jumped back down.

When we finished recording, we went to play it back and….what the?? Where is the sound?? All volume controls were up on all devices. We could not figure it out. But we decided to upload it to Facebook and my blog anyway. After all, our facial expressions are funny enough. We are even thinking of sending this in to the guys that do the “Bad Lipreading” videos on Youtube to see what they’d come up with.

So, Merry Christmas (this may be my last post this year as we have a busy few days ahead) and if you’re family photo doesn’t turn out the way you planned this year, take heart. It could be worse.

You could be us. 😀


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