Adulting and a DIY Face Mask to Soothe Holiday Stress…

Well guys, I had high hopes for today. I had imagined that we’d take our holiday family photo so I could cross that off our to-do list. It’s not looking like it’s gonna happen today. Between both cats napping at the same time in separate areas of the house, errands that needed to be run, and the youngest cat avoiding me even after her nap because she still remembers the attempt last night to clean her ears (I only got one done before she ran for her life πŸ˜› ), I think we’ll have to postpone our photo for another day.

So until then, here is a facial mask that you can make at home that promises to soothe your face and is, apparently if YouTube is to be believed, good for acne-prone skin.

Step 1: Here, um, you’re gonna rub some Pepto-Bismol on your face. (Hey, why are you running away from me?? This is a legit beauty mask that is supposed to calm acne and soothe sensitive skin-according to the internet. And hopefully as an added benefit it’ll vanish the mustache that is starting to form over my upper lip. Yelch!)
pepto bismol facial

Step 2: Dab a thin layer over your face with an old foundation brush, cotton ball or in my case, cushy toilet paper. As you can see in the photo above, it doesn’t really show up that well on my pale as notebook paper face. I promise I have it covering my face and you aren’t being Punk’d.

Wait for it to dry, about 15-20 minutes and then rinse off with cool water. You’ll know it’s time to rinse when you move your face and see little pink cracks beginning to form. Think of this as what you may look like WAY in the future. πŸ˜‰

Honestly while I was waiting for it all to dry, I wasn’t too impressed. It does tighten your face which is a bonus, but it smells like, well, Pepto-Bismol. And I’ve had an aversion to the liquid form ever since I was a little kid and I had the stomach flu and my mom gave me the liquid version. I immediately threw up. In my mom’s defense she said I would have thrown up anyway, but ever since then, I’ve avoided the stuff……until today. But I think my opinion is changing because….


It came off pretty easy with just plain water and when I dried off my face, only a little pink transferred to our hand towel. Yes, my mustache is still visible, but the mask didn’t claim to remove hair (dangit! πŸ˜› ).

So I think all in all it was a success and I’ll be using this in the future.

Now, does anyone out there have a recipe for this one?Β  πŸ˜‰ :


Mrs. Doubtfire appears courtesy of

PS: Blogger Face Update: I’d just like to point out that it doesn’t completely come off with just water, you do need a little bit of a mild soap. I thought I saw tinges of more pink than usual in my skin (my skin is quite yellow-y) and with a quick spray and swipe of MAC’s Fix + I was able to see that I still had dried Pepto on my face. The additional washing with soap did not diminish the softness the mask left.




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