LAFF: Lies the Internet Tells You…..

1.”You can tell when your cat is happy when their tail is pointed straight up and it’s moving back and forth quickly.”

The Freddy Krueger-esque scratches on my leg are proof that this is in fact a lie (and our cat may be bi-polar, we’re looking into it)

2. Any meme or quote attributed to Abraham Lincoln that has anything to do with the internet and memes.

I’ll give you a moment to think this one through. Take your time.

3. “Like this photo and Facebook will give this poor child money! Like=$1 Share=$50

Ok this one is a legit gripe of mine. I’ve been guilty of sharing these too, but the fact is Facebook will NEVER do this. Seriously, do you think the founder of Facebook who just donated his own money to “charity”, a charity he founded himself (essentially just taking his own money and putting it into another account of his that he created) would do this?

4. Anything that comes out of Hillary Clinton’s mouth.

This one is self explanatory. You may have to reread it several times

5. “Share this picture of a winning lottery ticket, by 5pm CT, and the winner will split it with 20 people who share this photo of a winning lottery ticket!”

Seriously, If this had been real, I’da been a bajillionaire by now. We stopped using our printer several months ago because ink is too expensive. Clearly, if this had been true, ink is the first think we’da bought, and plastered our house with printed photos of Grumpy Cat.

I think this list is long enough for now. I also have an announcement: My husband decided to get into the blogging game a few days ago and has some pretty great stuff (“she said with no hint of bias what-so-ever” 😉 ) You can find his stuff here.

Have a great weekend!


Abraham Lincoln Blog Love 2

Totally believable Presidential Endorsement appears courtesy of



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