Romantically Festive…..With a Dollop of Fear

So it’s Saturday night. You are cold, so you go into the bedroom to retrieve a sweatshirt. As you flip on the light, you see a dark blob on the wall above the bed. For a moment you panic. It could be anything from a small bat to a dare-devil mouse. As you focus your eyes, you realize what it is.

See, earlier in the day you had a great idea to jazz up the bedroom for Christmas and surprise your husband when he woke up.

So you grabbed an old wreath with red berries and snipped a few branches from it. Then, taping the branches together, you taped them to the wall above the bed.

That dark blob above the bed that looked like a bat? Mistletoe.

You really need to start writing things down! 😀

Lulabelle stuff-christmas meme

Anyone want to venture a guess what this smells like?? Anyone? Bueller?? #namethatmovie 😀

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