Lulabelle’s Christmas Craft….

It’s getting closer to Christmas and our house is slowly getting decorated. We put our tree up earlier this week and I also made a craft that I wanted to share. This glass jar decoration is what I made:
Christmas Ornament 1

I had some winter garland that we can’t use because of our cats, and several strands of red beads, and a plain glass jar:

Our oldest cat was slightly mad that I didn’t involve her in the craft, so she’s photo-bombing my blog 😉

Then I put two strands of red beads into the bottom of the jar:

Christmas Ornament 2.1

After those were on the bottom,  I took one end of the garland and slowly began threading it to the bottom of the jar, being careful to keep it on the outside of the beads so it’d show up:

Christmas Ornament 3

Now I added more beads to the jar and kept threading the garland through:

Christmas Ornament 4

Continue threading the garland till it is all the way in the jar, then add your last string of beads.

And viola’–you have a pretty Christmas ornament that you can display on a high bookshelf or hutch. Alternately you could put a tealight in the bottom of the jar on top of the first set of beads to add some more dimension and pretty light. This method would work beautifully on a table as a center piece.

Happy Crafting!

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