Lulabelle’s Food Experiement: Christmas Smoothie…..

I love making smoothies. Since we got married, I think our blender has been used more than any other wedding gift. I hadn’t made one in awhile though (Seriously, it’s getting colder and who wants something that has ice chips floating in it??). I love making up new recipes and trying them out. This can be hit or miss. Case in point; watermelon. It’s my favorite fruit by far and it sounded like it’d be amazing in a smoothie. It ended up being a big miss. I’m still sad about that one.

Today being the first day of December, I wanted to try a holiday themed smoothie. I found inspiration from our freezer in a year-old giant candy cane purchased from Hammonds Candy Shop last year.

I crushed up the peppermint candy cane to one inch pieces as best I could. Then I went to the cupboard to find the ginger. After tearing the kitchen apart, I realized we were out. Dang it! Undeterred in my quest (and the candy cane was already crushed up so I had to do something), I went forward. Trying to think of other Christmas-y flavors, my eyes landed on the only orange we had left. Years ago people put oranges in their stockings at Christmas. I grabbed it and the closest thing to a zester we have; a large grater that has numerous sized holes. I grabbed a plate and went to town. And quickly realized how freakin’ hard it is to zest an orange. Especially when it has thin skin because it’s one of those easy peel varieties. (It also occurred to me during this process that I neglected to wash the outside of the orange before zesting it. Since they are peeled, I normally don’t think about this. So in addition to peppermint and orange, my smoothie probably has remnants of some hard to pronounce pesticide to keep the oranges from developing a wormy disease. Tis the season, ya’ll! πŸ˜› ) After what seemed like an eternity, I had little zestlets in the bowl below and deemed my task done. I combined the zest with the crushed candy cane and put them in my blender.

Then the irrational fear set in. What if the candy cane was in too big of pieces to properly blend and I end up breaking the blade of my blender?? Just in case I added a skosh of water. Then I grabbed the tupper ware of frozen bananas that had been waiting for my next smoothie endeavor, and dropped them inside the blender. I also added milk, two tablespoons of vanilla yogurt and spinach (these four ingredients are staples in all my smoothies). To top it off I added a dash or two of clove as I’ve been obsessed with this spice lately, and it just smells like Christmas.

I plugged it in, after grabbing the 3 prong adapter, then said a short prayer and hit BLEND. After a few seconds, I turned it off, lifted the lid and was met with the pleasing aroma of peppermint and orange. After checking to make sure it was chunk free, I grabbed my Wonder Woman glass (this makes anything taste better) and poured in my creation.

It looks like Christmas. The green of the spinach is the primary color, but you can see tiny dots of red where the peppermint is present.

It even tastes like Christmas. The overall flavor is peppermint with a tiny hint of citrus.

So this smoothie has been a success and I intend on making it more this winter.

Happy Eating!

PS: 10:44pm-After this went live, I was informed that there was some apprehension to try something that had peppermint AND banana. I can assure you that the banana is only added for thickness and you can’t taste it at all. πŸ˜‰

3 thoughts on “Lulabelle’s Food Experiement: Christmas Smoothie…..

  1. Forget about banana… spinach in a sweet smoothie?! With yogurt?! I’m a spinach person, but I am beyond impressed that you managed to pull this off. Sounds amazing, and I hope you enjoy it again!

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