Sometimes Being an Adult is Like Baby Food…..

Adulting. This is something that I occasionally have anxiety over. The weird thing is, 9 times out of 10, it wasn’t as hard or scary as I had thought going in. Things like calling such and such place to take care of such and such bill if there is any discrepancy. I do eventually call on time and get things taken care of, but the anxiety I experience leading up to calling is very real and pretty annoying. Yes, I wish I were the type of person you’d not think anything of making a simple phone call, but unfortunately more often than not I’ll pitch a little mental fit before eventually doing the right thing and making the call. Again, 9 times out of 10 when I’m done with this task, it wasn’t nearly as bad as I had it built up in my head.

It’s kinda like baby food.

This weekend I helped throw a baby shower for one of my closest friends. Maybe this is just a new American trend, but here when we do baby showers, traditionally there is some sort of game centered around baby food. Our baby food game consisted of 12 jars of baby food that had a similar color but were all different flavors. I had carefully taken the labels off each jar and numbered them with a black Sharpie. Then I wrote down their number and flavor on a separate sheet and put that in an envelope along with all the labels. Each person at the shower was given paper and pen and they had to write down what they thought each flavor was. The person with the most correct answers would win a prize.

There was one of three ways we could have played. 1. Each person simply looks at the jars and writes down an educated guess as to its contents. This way the mom to be can keep the baby food to feed her child later OR 2. The jars are opened and sniffed to determine what they contain OR 3. Guesses are determined by TASTE! This method is the most fun but could go disastrously wrong if you have a weak stomach. Or just anxiety over suspicious looking baby food in an all neutral color palate.

We went with method #2. Then, in a sudden twist, our mother-to-be decided she was curious enough to taste them. And we did. Even if some of us had serious reservations. I mean, would you willingly taste liquified turkey and gravy?? But you know what? It wasn’t bad at all. After I tasted what I thought was the scariest one, I went for one I’d wanted to try ever since picking them up last week–banana. Here is the face I made:


Now, I promise you that this truly is my “Wow! That wasn’t bad at all. I like it.” face. Even after tasting them all, there really wasn’t a jar that I disliked. All the fear was just in my head.

I guess I can cross eating 12 varieties of baby food off my bucket list!

If you have trouble adulting some days, you are not alone. I’ll even share my stewed bananas with you 😉


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